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Plastic Spill Pallets and Plastic Bunds

plastic spill pallet

Environmentally friendly polyethylene spill pallets for drums and IBCs enable the safe and regulation compliant storage of drums and IBCs.

DENIOS polyethylene sumps are manufactured on our own premises, using a rotational moulding procedure and are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene. The products are recyclable and able to carry a very heavy load.

With a variety of sump capacities available, our range of polyethylene spill pallets are ideal for dealing with any aggressive chemicals you are storing on site and conform to all regulatory requirements. They have been manufactured to be oil, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion free thanks to the lack of steel components. They are supplied with galvanised or PE grids and are very easy to clean. 

Accessories such as drum mounts are available if required to create a combined storage and dispensing station. Models are available with forklift and pallet truck accessibility whilst other models can be purchased with castors and a handle for easy internal transport. 

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Spill Trays

spill tray

Plastic, steel or stainless steel spill tray: The following overview shows which spill tray is the right one for your needs.


  • Storage of dangerous liquids
  • Storage of drums, small containers and IBCs
  • Steel, stainless steel or polyethylene drip tray
  • The right drip tray for every hazardous substance
  • DENIOS quality guarantee

Steel, stainless steel or polyethylene drip tray

The reason for the determination of the correct material of the collecting tray is the substance to be stored. Depending on its properties, a plastic (PE - polyethylene) or steel collection basin can be selected. Stainless steel or plastic tanks are suitable for the storage of aggressive materials.

Stainless steel and the plastic polyethylene are corrosion resistant. The storage of acids and caustics is safely carried out in these collecting basins. Substances classified as hazardous to water or combustible are stored in collecting basins with a galvanized or lacquered surface.

The right size of the drip tray 

In the case of a use of liquid hazardous substances, drip trays made of galvanized or lacquered stainless steel as well as plastic trays can be used. Together with cages made of the corresponding material, they enable safe filling of the hazardous substances and ensure comprehensive groundwater protection.

Waterborne substances are not penetrating into the soil by means of drip losses due to the safe position of the drum blocks. In addition to the use in small containers, DENIOS safety trays are also suitable for storing larger quantities of hazardous substances. In addition to this, there is a wide range of storage trays for KTC storage.

Depending on the material to be stored, these safety catches are also available for KTC bearings in the usual quality and the different versions in stainless steel, plastic or steel. Steel or plastic basins are used in the area of ​​groundwater protection. The variable modular system adapts perfectly to the requirements on site. The combination of the individual segments is ideal for safeguarding entire rooms according to legal requirements. The floor troughs are used as leakage and splash protection or as safety catch troughs in empties.

An extensive range of accessories from the access ramp to the edge fastening completes the individually adjustable safety system. In addition to the stationary use of drip pans in various sizes, the mobile storage systems also provide protection in this area. In order not to have to dispense with the safety of a drip tray during transportation, the mobile transport trays made of stainless steel or plastic are used here.