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DENIOS offer a wide range of spill pallets for the safe and secure storage of clean and waste oils, fuels, chemicals and other hazardous liquids.

The correct storage of drums and IBC's maintains a safe and clean working environment and DENIOS spill pallets offer the necessary protection for storing water hazardous substances in accordance with HSE legislation.

DENIOS spill pallets and IBC bunds are the ideal solution for storing smaller quantities of hazardous materials in factories, garages and work areas. We manufacture a wide range of chemical bunds to accommodate different requirements from simple drum storage and dispensing to internal transportation to storing IBCs and protecting large areas in the plant or factory.

At DENIOS we offer steel spill pallets for the storage of flammable or water hazardous substances and polyethylene and stainless steel sump pallets for the storage of aggressive chemicals (acids and alkalis). All our polyethylene sump pallets are manufactured on DENIOS premises, using a rotational moulding procedure.

Our steel IBC bunded pallets can be bought either polyurethane painted or hot dip galvanised. The newest addition to the portfolio is the UltraSafe spill pallet, which is a sump pallet shaped from one endless piece of steel, is completely water tight, 3mm thick, and boasts an integral foot design. All our sump pallets, including any IBC spill pallet, comes with a 5 year warranty and is a byword for safety.

With a vast variety of sump capacities available there will be a chemical bund to meet every requirement including a single drum bund, a 4 drum spill pallet as well as solutions for covering enitre floor spaces. We also offer a wide range of spill trays for dealing with really small containers, and models which may be moved by forklift truck for easy transporatation on site. With the widest range on the market, a DENIOS spill containment pallet offers a HSE compliant solution for any substance you may have on the factory floor.

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Using a drip tray instead of a drum spill pallet

steel spill pallet

As a rule, everything from the spray can, up to the 1,000 litres in an IBC can be filled with a hazardous substance. Oils, release agents, cleaners, paints or lacquers are examples of this.

All these substances can be hazardous to water, inflammable, aggressive or otherwise. So you should do everything to prevent them from entering our environment.

A spill pallet is a first precaution to achieve that. Containers with potentially hazardous contents must be stored even on a collecting basin.

Steel, stainless steel or polyethylene?

This depends mainly on which material is to be stored on the spill pallet. In principle, the material of the collecting basin must be resistant to the material to be stored.

As a rule of thumb, if water-endangering substances and / or flammable liquids are adjusted, for example oils, varnishes or paints, one must choose a steel bund. DENIOS offers most steel spill pallets galvanized or varnished. Both variants are possible in principle.

For the storage of aggressive chemicals, such as acids and alkali, polyethylene or stainless steel bunds are used. These are non-corrosive and therefore optimally designed for the storage of these substances.

plastic bund

Which size or capacity do I need?

If storage is permitted in water protection areas, the entire storage quantity must be able to be retained. In our assortment, you will find the right drip tray for small containers, or the right spill pallet for drums and IBCs for every possible application. As a decision-making aid, you can use our online guidebook. Our expert advisors are also able to help if there are questions or uncertainties.

How can I protect larger surface areas?

Floor collecting trays protect larger areas from the penetration of hazardous liquids into the ground water. Depending on the material to be stored, you can choose from a steel or a plastic base. These floor elements are ideal for lining entire rooms thanks to the extensive range of accessories available from edge attachments to the drive-on ramp.