Drum Storage Racking 

The DENIOS range of drum storage racking includes standard drum racking, shelf extensions and a stack rack, suitable for storing for hazardous materials. Drum racking can include a three-high stack and rugged steel frames.

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Safe, efficient and solid drum storage racking and shelving

The barrel racks are made of a robust steel construction with barrel support. Thanks to screw connections, the drum racks are easy and quick to install. Below the shelf a drip tray is installed. Depending on the nature of the stored substance, a drip tray made of steel or polyethylene is used.

Drum Storage Racking

With top-quality drum storage racking form DENIOS UK, businesses can retain an excellent work safety record and keep their productivity levels high. We know that each of our clients has individual needs, so we’ve taken steps to provide a collection that offers versatility and adapts to your changing workplace.

Where should drum shelving be installed?

Chemical storage drums should always be kept away from the floor and your drum racking system will usually be placed against a wall. This keeps your warehouse looking neat and your aisles organised. In large warehouses, chemical works and engineering sites, our heavy-duty Drum Rack FR-2514/6G with space for four 205 litre horizontal or standing drums provides ample load space. Designed for storing flammable liquids, it has a 100mm clearance, so corrosion won’t be a problem. It is also modular, so you can easily add further units whenever necessary. The spill pallet is finished in galvanised steel and the shelves are adjustable. The drums are securely positioned and the drip tray will pick up any spills. This way, any operator can use this barrel rack to dispense liquids in a way that supports workplace safety. For added utility, select a Jug Holder In Polyethylene to sit alongside your horizontal drums.

With our Drum and Small Container Rack GRS 1250, you can conveniently manage large drums and smaller containers all in one unit. It combines two galvanised grid shelves and there is enough room below for two drums of up to 205 litres. The spill pallet, which sits underneath the lower storage, is fully galvanised and remains at 100mm above floor level. This prevents corrosion and also enables a forklift to manoeuvre the unit. Seals are fully tested to conform to EN ISO 3452-1 and your drum storage rack will arrive with a certificate to prove this. Your team can use it to store any flammable liquids they need to access. And if your operation grows, this unit can be expanded to manage higher levels of stock.

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