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IBC Storage Containers

Gefahrstofflager für IBC

DENIOS offer a range of IBC storage containers as a safer and more efficient alternative to buildings for hazardous materials storage.

Approved for the storage of water hazardous substances and for the passive storage of flammable liquids, a DENIOS bunded chemical store offers the perfect solution for every application whilst ensuring minimum investment per storage space.

DENIOS chemical storage containers are designed with a welded steel frame structure and galvanised steel sheets for weather protection. The integral spill pallet is firmly welded to the frame and protects against potentially costly spills and hazards to staff and the environment.

The dimensions of these bunded storage containers are ideal for the storage of 1000 litre IBCs or Euro pallets. Available with 1-3 storage levels and with a length of 3-12 metres, you can safely store up to 18 IBCs safely. A DENIOS IBC storage container is available with a number of accessories if required and can be equipped with air conditioning, ventilation or heating. ATEX equipment is also available for installation in hazardous areas.

All bunded chemical storage is accessible from underneath allowing for easy transportation using a forklift truck and come equipped as standard with crane eyes if the need arises. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, and fully compliant with current regulations, DENIOS IBC storage units are the answer to your chemical storage needs. But if our standard bunded storage models do not meet your requirements, we also offer a bespoke design service.

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IBC Storage Containers

IBC Storage Containers are used by a variety of industries to store liquids and powders such as chemicals, solvents, pharmaceutical and food ingredients. The acronym IBC stands for intermediate bulk container. They are also referred to as a pallet tank or an IBC tote. These individual storage containers can hold around 1000 litres or more, depending upon the type of substance stored. The units are mounted on a pallet, making them easy to stack and store. They usually have a built-in drain such as a tap or valve, that allows for the product stored to be drained off into smaller containers as needed. The storage units for the containers hold several of the units so that they can be kept safely, providing you with additional environmental protection.

Advantages and use of IBC Storage Containers

Businesses with limited storage space inside a warehouse or factory can use the system IBC Storage Containers to provide additional secure storage for their IBCs outside the building, so that material can be securely contained without taking up valuable space in the working area. The individual IBC’s can then be moved indoors as and when required.

The shape and design of the IBC Storage Containers make it possible to transport more materials than when using cylindrical containers. The units can be reused, making them much more eco-friendly than disposable containers. It is also an easy way to transport a product and allows the recipient to repackage it easily to meet local regulations.

IBC Storage Containers can be used for a variety of materials. Hazardous chemicals are just one item that can be transported in this way. Solvents, detergents, food ingredients, including powdered and granulated substances, and industrial raw materials can be safely contained. In addition, they can be used to collect rainwater and it is common for previously used bunded storage containers to be used as part of a home aquaponic system.


DENIOS UK offers a wide range of IBC Storage Containers including the SolidMaxx Depot CH 2.1, galvanised, for 8 x 205 litre drums or 2 x 1000 litre IBCs. These have been approved for the storage of flammable liquids and other hazardous chemicals. The bunded storage containers have a steel frame and are protected from the weather by galvanised steel sheets. The spill pallet included is firmly connected to the rest of the frame and helps to avoid the spills that could be costly to a business and damaging to the environment. IBC storage comes with up to three storage levels and thanks to the length of up to 12 metres it is possible to store up to 18 IBC Storage Units safely. These are ideal for those who have limited storage space.

The range of IBC Storage from DENIOS UK includes a variety of accessories. Ventilation, heating and air conditioning can all be added to the units if required and they are designed to be easy to move with the help of a forklift truck. Crane eyes are standard on each of the bunded storage containers.

The units have a rainwater drain so there is no worry about water gathering on, or in it, when the weather is bad. The units can also be locked for additional security.

Environmental Safety

In the event of a fire, IBC containers that are made from plastic may melt rapidly, allowing the entire contents to be released. If the contents are combustible that could add to the problems associated with the fire. There are some IBC Storage Units available that are made from metal, and tests have shown that these have a greater resistance to fire if a pressure venting device is included.

DENIOS UK can supply a storage solution for the bulk containers that will hold up to 18 of the individual IBC Storage Containers. This is an additional work safety measure that can help to contain any spills thus reducing the risk of other hazards such as a fire.

Our Service

DENIOS UK is one of the leading names in hazmat storage and all of our IBC Storage Containers, such as the System Container 2K 414.OTE-ISO A, for storing flammable substances, with wing doors are fully guaranteed. The IBC Storage Units from DENIOS UK are designed to be used either indoors or outside and if the standard size units are not quite what is needed, we provide a bespoke design service that will provide exactly what you need. DENIOS UK offers a 30-day return policy and free delivery is available on the IBC Storage Containers, although some terms and conditions apply.