Drum Storage Container

Drum storage containers

DENIOS drum storage containers are the ideal storage solution for safely storing hazardous materials in compliance with HSE and Environment Agency regulations. Available in a range of sizes and configurations for different applications and storage capacities to ensure your chemical storage requirements are met, a DENIOS bunded chemical store offers an exceptional price-performance ratio and minimum investment costs per storage area. 

All DENIOS drum storage containers are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and come with the 5 year DENIOS guarantee. Featuring a sturdy steel profile design and galvanized steel sheet construction, they are suitable for the storage of up to 144 drums. A DENIOS drum store is supplied with an integral sump pallet compliant with PPG 26 regulations as standard, providing the necessary protection from potentially costly spills and hazards to staff and the environment. Thanks to their self-ventilating construction, a DENIOS bunded drum store is also approved for the passive storage of flammables. 

Drum stores are available in two models: the Basic Store and the System Container. The Basic Store bunded storage container offers safety and functionality at a favourable price-performance ratio and is available in 6 models with storage capacity for up to 32 drums. The System Container offers a versatile, efficient solution with a vast number of variable options and is available in over 30 sizes with storage capacity for up to 144 drums. These are also available in a thermo-insulated configuration.

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Drum Storage Containers

Drum storage containers are a safe and convenient solution for storing hazardous materials. They come in a range of configurations depending on the storage requirements for different substances and your preferred format.

Quality, safety and function

Bunded storage involves a raised retaining wall or enclosure that will contain any spilled liquids and is required when storing any substance that would be polluting or cause damage if it escaped its container.

As industry leaders in hazmat storage, DENIOS UK bunded chemical storage container units are manufactured in the UK using high quality materials and they come with a five-year guarantee. The steel frame and galvanized steel sheet construction can be ordered in basic store or system container formats that can store up to 144 standard 205-litre drums. A wide range of versatile configurations are available to make your industrial materials storage more efficient, more accessible and safe.

Options include footprint and single or dual storage levels, open sided, sliding, or wing doors, and natural ventilation or thermal insulation. We also produce storage containers specifically designed and certified for storing flammable or water-polluting substances for optimal environmental protection and regulatory compliance.

All bunded drum storage container options come with an integral sump pallet that meets PPG 26 regulations and protects against spills. The self-ventilating construction also meets the standard for passive storage of flammables.

Drum storage container options

All of DENIOS UK’s drum storage stock is manufactured locally to the highest quality, and we take pride in supplying the perfect drum store for every use.

The System Container 1G 326.O features a simple, naturally ventilated format with a single level and open sides. While it fits up to 20 standard 205-litre drums, if the drums need to be stored on Euro pallets or chemical pallets, it will be necessary to leave more room.

A single level of storage means that most of our hazardous-materials-rated Drum Lifting Equipment can be used, although built-in crane eyes are also included for easy unloading. Other units are available with larger footprints and multiple levels for additional capacity.

If you need an enclosed storage container for 205-litre drums, the System Container 2G 626.O with Sliding Doors, for up to 80 x 205 Litre Drums, Accessible from both S offers much greater storage capacity with double height storage and lockable sliding doors on both sides. Other units offer the option of wing doors on one or both long sides of the container.

In other cases, adding insulation to the storage container is necessary to keep the environment safe and optimized for drum contents. The System Container 1G 314.ISO, Thermally Insulated, Wing Doors, for up to 10 x 200-Litre Drums holds up to ten 205-litre drums in an insulated configuration with wing doors on one side.

Regulatory compliance

Our range of bunded drum storage containers and systems helps you maintain safe storage conditions. You can find the individual certification of each of our designs on the product page under “Approval” or “Approval / certificate description.” All units meet PPG 26 regulations, but it’s important to understand the regulatory requirements specific to your sector and the substances being stored.

Some food-grade and pharmaceutical storage might benefit from insulated storage options, while oil and gas and other volatile, flammable, or corrosive chemical substances will require storage conditions calibrated for maximum safety. We offer custom solutions certified for water-polluting substance storage and for flammable substance storage.

The 100 mm ground clearance keeps storage accessible and compatible with many of our rated Drum Lifting Equipment options, the use of which is recommended for safe drum handling and reduced likelihood of employee injury or accident.

Quality storage and containment helps maintain work safety standards and prevent accidental exposure to toxic substances. Enclosed and locking storage units are also available for environments where containment and restricted access is necessary.

Our service

Take advantage of our free specialist consultation service to have an expert or engineer help you identify which container format and features would best suit your needs. We can recommend regulation-compliant and certified drum storage for all industrial and manufacturing businesses, including chemical and pharmaceutical companies; automotive, oil, and gas corporations; food manufacturers; and other businesses dealing with a full range of toxic, volatile, and corrosive materials.

At DENIOS UK we stand behind the quality of our products. We offer free shipping and a 30 days return policy subject to terms and conditions, as well as an extended warranty on all our bunded drum storage containers.