Fire Rated Storage Cabinet for Drums

Fire rated storage cabinet for drums

Fire rated storage containers for drums from DENIOS are available in different versions. We offer storage solutions for single drums to bespoke storage solutions to meet job specific requirements.

DENIOS fire rated storage containers for drums offer a certified and approved solution for storing hazardous materials near or even inside buildings without safe distance.

With up to 120 minutes fire protection from both internal and external fires, DENIOS fire rated drum storage containers offer the highest levels of safety in terms of flammable storage. Equipped with hinged doors on 1-2 levels, fire storage containers allow you to store up to 32 drums or 16 Euro pallets.

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Fire Rated Storage Cabinet for Drums

Steel drums have an important role to play in storing paints, dyes, resins, fuels and other chemicals used in engineering, construction and manufacturing. They make the bulk handling of liquid materials a simpler and safer task but do need to be managed carefully. The right containers will keep their potentially volatile content safe and help your team to avoid accidents. At DENIOS UK, we have a wide collection of flammable drum storage units. From models that support single drums, to larger units and custom versions designed just for your facility, we can meet your specific needs.

Each fire rated storage container for drums that DENIOS UK has to offer is designed to provide a secure enclosed space, inside a building or close by. With EN ISO 3452-1 certification and fire resistance ratings of up to REI 90, these units can be positioned without the usual safe distance precautions. Choose fire rated storage that includes the type of features your business needs with DENIOS UK – we have one and two-level units that house up to 16 Euro pallets or 32 drums.

Choosing a flammable drum storage container from DENIOS UK

In smaller facilities where a container needs to offer more utility, our REI 90 Fire Rated Container BMC 180 will house four 205 litre drums, along with a selection of bottles or tins on a higher shelf. This version can be purchased with a corresponding Maintenance and Service contract from DENIOS UK, so all your repairs are taken care of. When a fire breaks out, either inside the unit or nearby, it will resist the flames for 90 minutes, providing you with plenty of time to evacuate personnel and avert a far worse accident. This container arrives assembled and can be put in place using the crane eyes before being secured to the ground if necessary.

Our certified Fire Protection FBM Plus 314.30 cabinet can promote work safety when located inside or outside a building. Developed to manage flammable liquids and all water-polluting substances, it will guard contents with 90-minutes of fire resistance. Capable of safely housing up to 16 205 litre steel drums, it also has a 120mm ground clearance, so corrosion is never an issue. Each storage surface inside is galvanised for extra strength and features sliding doors that provide quick access to the containers inside. In the event of a fire alarm sounding, the fire-rated doors will begin to close automatically.

DENIOS UK services

We’ve spent the last 30 years ensuring our clients can meet their work safety obligations and lower the risk of an accident in their facility. When you need a reliable solution, we can supply a fire rated drum storage container to meet the demands of your industry and keep you compliant with environmental protection laws. If you have any questions, just let us know and one of our professional team will be pleased to discuss your options with you.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 700 567 to speak to a DENIOS expert.