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Containment Shelving and Pallet Racking Systems

Further information

Hazardous material shelving and racking systems including containment shelving for small containers and pallet racking systems for drums and IBCs offer safe and compliant solutions for storing and dispensing hazardous materials without having to worry about leaks and drips.

We have an extensive range of shelving and racking options which are designed for a wide variety of applications.

The range of hazardous substances shelves that DENIOS offer is designed to suit a wide variety of uses. Stackable racks and drum racks are used in all applications where hazardous substances in drums and small containers must be stored and dispensed safely.

Spill pallets made ​​of steel or polyethylene are perfectly matched to the different properties of the stored media. Shelf trays made of steel or plastic are available in two versions: for laying on the shelf trusses or directly on the floor. Steel shelf trays are suitable for the storage of water-hazardous substances and flammable liquids whilst polyethylene shelf trays are used for the storage of acids and alkalis. DENIOS produce trays for all standard shelf widths and these are available with galvanized steel grating or grating made ​​of polyethylene. DENIOS spill pallets and trays meet the legal requirements according to PPG 26 regulations.

The screwless connector system comes with fully assembled support frame. Pallet racking systems are available as combi shelves which can be combined and expanded for future use.

Pallet racking systems from DENIOS save space and reduce lead times by improving workflows and thereby increasing internal productivity and efficiency.

Pallet Racking Systems and Containment Shelving

DENIOS UK brings you functional, practical and safe hazardous material containment shelving and racking systems. These systems allow you to store drums and IBCs in a safe and compliant manner for usage or later disposal. This does away with the worry of leaks, spills and drips. Our secure containment shelving and pallet racking systems ensure that chemicals and hazardous liquids are stored and stacked in a safe manner.

Your choice of containment and pallet racking systems

At DENIOS UK, we provide an extensive range of shelving and racking options. These can be put to use in different environments, including car garages, workshops, industrial areas, manufacturing units, construction sites, warehouses and more.

Hazardous material containment shelving: These shelves are ideal for safely storing hazardous materials. They are designed for small containers that house flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals and chemicals that can contaminate water bodies and groundwater. These shelves are made of polyethylene or galvanised steel that is powder-coated for added protection. Each shelving unit is expandable, therefore, you can grow your storage solution as your requirements increase. The height of the shelves is adjustable, and you can increase it in increments of 25mm.

Drum racking systems

As the name suggests, a drum rack can house drums and small, closed containers used for storing chemicals and hazardous liquids. The system comprises shelves and slide-in spill trays made from steel or PE, depending on the substance being stored. The size of the trays can vary from 220 litres to 440 litres. Drum rack systems such as the Drum Rack AWK 1 for 4 x 205 Litre Drums are versatile and flexible, and the shelves and spill trays can be customised into combinations that suit your requirements. This type of containment and storage system is perfect for storing and dispensing acids, alkalis, paints, detergents, oils, inks and other harsh chemicals and liquids, and the shelves can be stacked three-high.

Pallet racking systems

DENIOS UK pallet racking systems are for storing hazardous chemicals and liquids in drums and IBCs that are then stacked onto pallets. The racks come with a steel sump and are ideal for flammable liquids and substances that can harm or contaminate water. If you are storing corrosive chemicals such as acids and alkali, then we provide pallet racking systems with a polyethlene sump. Products such as the Pallet Racking w Sump PR 33.37 Starter Unit are made out of a galvanised frame and trusses that are powder-coated. You can adjust the height of these racks in increments of 50mm. Each rack comes equipped with galvanised push-through protection for additional safety.

Containment shelving spill trays: If you have a shelf system, then you can upgrade it with the help of DENIOS UK containment shelving spill trays to comply with regulations. These trays are made from welded steel and come with removable galvanised or polyethlene grids. You can upgrade an existing shelf system with DENIOS UK products such as the Sump Pallet Basic TC-2F to ensure legal compliance. We provide shelving spills trays for all standard shelf widths.

Benefits of using containment shelving and pallet racking

• DENIOS UK containment shelving and pallet racking are designed to save space. Since these storage and dispensing systems comprise several racks positioned on top of one another, they preserve valuable floor space.

• The hazardous material containment shelving and racking system also improves workflow by allowing easy access to materials. As a result, it improves internal productivity and efficiency.

• The racking system is durable and sturdy, making it an ideal storage solution for all types of containers.

• Our containment and racking systems allow for better organisation of your storage area. This improves worker safety and minimises the chance of accidents.

• DENIOS UK containment shelving and racking systems ensure that you comply with the legal requirements of PPG 26 regulations.

• Shelving and racking systems are available in a range of heights and widths. These systems can be expanded for future use.

• Our pallet racking systems are reusable and can be moved from place to place based on your changing storage requirements.

DENIOS UK containment shelving and racking systems have a widespread application. They are ideal for any establishment that stores and uses hazardous chemicals and inflammable liquids. The shelves and racks ensure that your organisation is in compliance and provides a safe workplace for employees. It also minimises the risk of workplace accidents and exposures.

Get in touch with DENIOS UK today to find out more about containment shelving and pallet racking systems. Our experts will be more than happy to help select the right system for your storage needs. Our products come with an up to four-year warranty, a 30-day return policy and free delivery.