Combi HazMat Cabinets


Whether your company produces paints, pharmaceuticals, fuels or automotive parts, it’s likely that you have plenty of hazardous materials to manage. If you’d like an adaptable solution, one of our combi hazmat cabinets could be the answer. A larger version is ready to contain any extra materials you may need to store at a later date, and it will also minimise the risk of a fire spreading.

Featuring a combination of shelves, pull-out spill trays and safety boxes, these cabinets allow different materials to be kept together securely. This could be beneficial in terms of saving valuable space. It could also give your staff more flexibility, enabling them to keep the items they need in one place so they do not have to make extra journeys across the shop floor to locate everything they need. Choose models and designs that suit the purpose you have in mind or give DENIOS UK a call for personalised advice.

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The dual chemical cabinet selection at DENIOS UK

Using a combination chemical cabinet, facilities can store aggressive chemicals like thinners, fuels and pesticides alongside production benches without compromising worker safety.

Units like our Environmental Cabinet UWS 19 Plus include a type 30 safety box for smaller amounts of flammable materials. Use it to keep your spray cans and mini-containers safe and meet all the necessary regulations of EN 14470/part 1. You won’t need to maintain an alternative chemical cabinet for flammable liquids, and the two spill trays ensure that accidental drips or leaks will never affect work safety. The smart powder-coated sheet steel design doesn’t just look good, it’s tough enough to deal with the demands of an industrial site.

For a thinner alternative which won’t take up as much space in your warehouse or workshop, we’d recommend the Combi Cabinet Quadro in anthracite and white. It includes three independent boxes stacked on top of one another. Each one is accessed by a door. Inside each bay there are two slide-out shelves fitted with spill trays, making the contents readily available. This also safeguards against the kind of spills which can occur when staff have to reach inside a cabinet for a product a couple of rows back. Use it to keep non-flammable toxic materials close to workers. It meets the standard required for German hazardous substances regulation TRGS 510 and can be connected to a ventilation source to avoid a build-up of odour.