Rolls, Special, yellow, light

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Product Information

  • Reliably absorb all liquids with a hydrophilic design
  • Chemically inert, suitable for absorbing aggressive chemicals
  • The first choice for leaks, when the type of leaked fluid is not known
  • The yellow warning colour easily shows up the fluid absorbed
  • Very low risk of dripping thanks to strong adhesion between the surface of the fibres and the absorbed liquid
  • Tear resistant even when saturated
  • Special polypropylene fibres guarantee high tear and abrasion resistance
  • Specially designed for absorbing highly aggressive acids such as sulphuric, boric, hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and others
  • A special embossed surface ensures good stability and long life
  • Excellent absorption capacity and quick absorption rate
  • Rolls are perforated in the middle and crossways for easy separation
  • Rolls are excellent for covering large surface areas
  • Suitable for areas where aggressive chemicals are stored or handled
  • "Light" material for most applications
Absorption capacity (litres/pack) 236 l / pack
Application Special
Format Rolls
Width (mm) 760 mm
Length, external (mm) 90000
Diameter, external (mm) 420
Packing unit (VE) 1 Roll(s)
Durability strong

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