Multi-Purpose Containers

Transport boxes

Multi-purpose containers are able to hold various goods while they are transported from place to place. They are strong and can be sealed tight so that nothing can get in and nothing can leak out. These boxes provide an easy storage solution that is sturdy enough to be used over and over again while showing little sign of wear and tear. Transport boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes, so regardless of what you want to send, one of our multi-purpose storage boxes will be suitable for the task.

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The DENIOS UK range

The DENIOS UK range of multi-purpose storage boxes includes the 105 litre multi-purpose PE container. Made from polyethylene, an environmentally-friendly material, the construction on this unit is strong and solid. Designed to hold bulk goods or to use for other purposes such as recycling, this rectangular container can hold up to 14% more than a round container. Features include built-in grips to help with safe installation and an optional lid with a snap lock so that you can keep any goods secure inside. This container measures 650mm x 550mm x 575mm.

Another available option is our Pallet box PB 8-R. This box comes in durable plastic, has a volume of 535 litres and features four castors. This unit is also made from eco-friendly PE and features rounded internal corners for effortless cleaning. This type of container is suitable for food and can be used for both storage and transportation. For added convenience, the content of these multi-purpose storage boxes can be accessed from all sides. Additionally, the unique shape makes these especially easy to stack. The unit is watertight and has is an optional cover. You can also choose a unit with four swivel casters. The dimensions of this unit are 1200mm x 800mm x 915mm and it can hold up to 500kg.

For a box that is easy to move but holds smaller quantities, try the Universal Box in PE plastic. This lockable box comes in strong grey plastic and has a capacity of around 104 litres. This is a resilient and stable unit that is certified food safe and resistant to acid and alkali substances. The box features comfort handles on the side and a side lock that comes with two keys. The folding handle and two transport castors make it easy to move this box around, even when it is fully-loaded. The dimensions of the box are 800mm x 400mm x 550mm.

Finding the right multi-purpose storage box

When you need a multi-purpose storage box for your facility, look no further than the range offered by DENIOS UK. If you are unsure which box will suit your needs, feel free to reach out to a member of our team. They will be able to determine which product will be most appropriate based on the industry you are in and what you require from your multi-purpose storage boxes. Call today and let us share the unique benefits of the boxes in our range.