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Industrial Use Buckets

Buckets are very versatile items that can be used in a variety of industries. Plastic buckets and tubs are often used in catering and decorating. Galvanised buckets are used where the storage of hot ashes or other warm materials is needed, while stainless steel buckets are more suitable in situations with special hygiene requirements. They can be used in settings where relatively small amounts of materials – especially liquids – are mixed, stored and transported. Most of the buckets in the DENIOS UK range come in multipacks. 

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Metal buckets

Our stainless steel buckets are designed to hold around 10 litres. These are not particularly large and can be handled easily by one person. This is also supported by the optional ergonomically designed grip. For additional safety, add on the matching lids – ideal for moving or storing chemicals or other materials that require additional care. The galvanised buckets have gone through a hot dip galvanising process and are ideal in any situation where corrosion could be an issue. The carry handle has a suspension point, so you can hang the bucket on a hook. Our galvanised buckets can hold up to 12 litres, but there are several sizes available.

Plastic buckets

The larger plastic buckets can hold up to 20 litres. This product is particularly popular with decorators. Made from recycled polyethylene, these buckets have an integrated measuring scale – perfect for mixing products such as wallpaper paste or paint. They can also be used for diluting certain products. The rims have a pouring spout which can be useful for mixing materials. These buckets come in a pack of 10. As an added feature, they are completely recyclable. We also offer smaller buckets in a similar design which can hold 10 or 12 litres.

In industries such as catering, the plastic bucket in polypropylene is often preferred. This is thanks to its conical design, which allows them to be stacked inside each other until they are needed. This product includes a carry handle and a flexible lid, which extends over the edge of the bucket to create a tight seal. The small buckets hold around 7.5 litres. Larger sizes are available and can be used in the food industry for holding ingredients such as flour and sugar. In other contexts, these buckets can be used to store chemicals.

Bucket health and safety

Buckets are an everyday object, so many people may not consider health and safety when using them. It is important that they are strong and sturdy, so that once they are filled they do not weaken. They should also have strong handles that are comfortable to use. Where necessary, buckets should have a lid that fits well and creates the right type of seal, ensuring that the contents cannot spill. With a wide range of buckets to choose from, it is a good idea to get some guidance on what type of bucket will be suitable for you. An expert member of the DENIOS UK team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. So give us a call today.