Pallet Trucks and Scissor Lifting Tables

Pallet Truck

DENIOS pallet trucks are robust and sturdy providing exceptional stability to the forks. They are equipped with pump body requiring little maintenance. Pallet trucks, high lift pallet trucks, stackers and scissor lift tables are all designed to facilitate daily work efforts. 

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Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks and scissor lifting tables are used to move items around a workplace. They are of benefit where manual handling could be a problem for staff. Heavy items, for example, can be placed onto a pallet and moved with the help of a pallet truck. Manual pallet trucks are often seen in warehouses where their ease of operation allows most staff members to be trained to use them in no time at all. Items can be stacked onto the pallets and then moved from one side of the warehouse to the other. Lifting tables are the ideal tool for getting large boxes off the floor and to a comfortable working height. These come in handy for tasks such as packing parcels.

Benefits of pallet trucks

Using pallet trucks promotes efficiency and saves valuable time that can translate into savings for the company. With less time spent loading and stacking items, staff can be more effectively employed doing other tasks. The use of scissor lifts and pallet trucks can make manual handling easier, reducing the possibility of injury. This means that downtime is kept to a minimum. Workers can still move large items quickly, but they will become less tired because they are not exerting as much energy on manual labour.

The DENIOS UK range

The Model HW1 hand operated pallet truck includes scales, so you can lift items and weigh them at the same time. This unit is designed for heavy-duty industrial use, making it ideal for even the busiest of warehouses. The unit features a protective steel housing for the scales and display and it can handle up to 2200kg. The 6V battery can keep the unit operational for up to 56 hours at a time and there is a safety handle that can be used with just one hand. This unit can be utilised in a range of temperature settings, running from -10°C and +40°C. There is an external charger for the battery as well as a large digital display that provides the user with easy-to-read data.

The scissor lifting table model HTW 15 is a single scissor lift that has a maximum load capacity of 150kg. The working height has been designed for effortless manual handling and it has a strong push bar to facilitate easy movement. The unit is operated using a foot pedal while the mechanism for lowering the table is a valve operated by a handle. The scissor lifting table features two fixed castors and two swivel castors and the wheels have polyurethane tyres. The brake on the table is compliant with the EN 1570 standard.