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DENIOS provides a wide range of pallets, industrial pallets, pallets and stacking frames for Euro pallets. Choose between plastic or steel pallets and with a loading capacity of up to 5000 kg. Hygiene pallets are also available for use sensitive areas.

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Pallets from DENIOS

In many workplaces, pallets are used to stack and store goods. A pallet is essentially a flat base, often made of wood or plastic, that can be lifted by a fork lift truck. Designed to hold large weights and bulky items, pallets make it easier to move cumbersome objects around. They are commonly used in the warehousing and distribution industries. Most pallets can be slotted onto racking with the goods in place, and then secured by shrink wrap or strapping.

In warehouses, utilising industrial pallets is the ideal way to stack large quantities of items before shipping them out to customers. In this scenario, orders are prepared, stacked on the pallet, wrapped in shrink wrap and loaded onto the delivery van using a fork lift truck, all in one step. This makes shipping goods simple and efficient for your staff.

Choosing the right pallet

When making your selection, it is important to consider any local regulations about the size and type of pallet that should be used with specific types of goods. For example, if you opt for wood pallets and you are sending goods abroad, there may be different requirements about the type and treatment of the wood. Plastic pallets raise less of an issue but should still be adequately researched.

The DENIOS UK range

DENIOS UK offers a wide range of plastic pallets and other items that ensure easier stacking and storing of your materials. The black PE-pallet, for example, measures 1200mm x 800mm x 150mm, and is made from environmentally-friendly polyethylene. This durable pallet has been designed with a long life, so it can be reused for years before it needs to be replaced. The plastic design makes it easy to clean and allows the pallet to resist spills from most liquids, including oils and acids.

An alternative option is the Euro pallet 831-K, a heavy-duty plastic pallet that features nine feet. These are nesting pallets which can be easily stacked when not in use. Created for universal application, these pallets are ideal for common shipping and warehouse tasks. Made from recycled materials that will resist steam cleaning and will not be damaged if refrigerated, they work well in many work environments. They are also resistant to acid, solvent and grease, among other materials. Unlike wood, this special plastic will not be damaged by moisture or insects. Strong and sturdy, it is perfect for use with heavy goods.

These pallets are ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are also commonly used in the electronics industries and in warehouses. Unsurprisingly, the food industry can also benefit from the use of these pallets. Commonly referred to as hygiene pallets, these are food-safe and considered essential for avoiding contamination and ensuring proper sanitation.


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