Smoking Shelters

Smoking Shelter

Provide a perfect climate between smokers and nonsmokers. Smoking shelters are either freestanding or available for wall installation.

Smoking shelters serve as communicative interface indoors. Smoking shelters are desirable to smokers and at the same time protect non smokers from the dangerous particles of cigarette smoke, which are absorbed and rendered harmless.

DENIOS offers smoking shelters for both indoor and outdoor use - in any form you are actively contributing to the protection of non-smokers at work!

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Smoking Shelters

Smoking might be a recreational activity for some, but it won’t be for everyone. It is a divisive habit, but there is no denying that smoking has adverse effects on those who partake, as well as those around them. Smoking, therefore, becomes a health and safety issue. Still, employers must respect the choices of their staff when it comes to smoking in the current legal environment, even if the habit is banned indoors. How can employers reconcile this challenging situation?

By now, most smokers will be used to stepping outside or into designated areas to pursue their habit. DENIOS UK offers a wide range of smoking shelters, which provide comfort to smokers and non-smokers at the same time. We have a selection of units to suit all situations and our smoking shelters provide smokers with protection from the elements within a designated area.

We offer a low profile canopy, as well as wall-mounted and free-standing structures too. All of these products have been effectively designed to suit all the needs of your company.

Why choose DENIOS UK smoking shelters?

Our smoking shelters are designed to accommodate smokers while alleviating second hand risks for non-smokers. DENIOS UK offers smoking shelters that are either freestanding or can easily be installed on the walls. They offer optimum weather protection for between three and nine people. They are made up of galvanised steel and the roof design is sturdy in nature, constituted by transparent polycarbonate.

The smoking shelters can be quickly and easily mounted at the desired location thanks to their intuitive design. Because they are manufactured with galvanised steel, our smoking shelters are weather-resistant and suitable for use in any climate. The large transparent roof of polycarbonate ensures a clean, welcoming atmosphere. Overall, our smoking shelters ensure optimum weather protection for smokers.

Our freestanding designs come in different sizes have room for a bench inside the cabin for increased comfort. Our wall mounting design comes with a flat pack, which is ideal for customer assembly.

The smoking shelters aim to provide protection to non-smokers from the myriad of dangerous particles of cigarette smoke with their toxic and carcinogenic constituents. Tobacco smoke alone is believed to contain more than 7,000 chemicals. Smoking cigarettes is the number-one cause of lung cancer and it is obviously believed to have an impact on the whole body – not only the smoker’s body but also non-smoking people in the vicinity. Researchers believe that non-smokers who have friends, family members or co-workers who smoke on a regular basis, end up inhaling a significant amount of harmful components. Therefore, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that the safety of non-smokers must never be overlooked under any circumstance.

Our services

Our smoking shelters have been designed under expert technical care to adapt to suit client requirements. Our smoking shelters are aimed to provide designated smoking areas, by keeping in mind the requirements of smokers and non-smokers alike. To keep your employees protected from the elements, DENIOS UK has a wide range of smoking shelters to choose from to cater to all situations. We consider it our duty to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment.

DENIOS UK’s primary motive remains to ensure environment protection and work safety alongside the finest service for our customers. DENIOS UK stands behind our smoking shelters with a 30-day return policy and a warranty of up to four years. We offer free delivery as part of our terms and conditions. Our company also strives to offer a reliable quality assurance system as well as excellent customer service.