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Shelving Systems and Pallet Racking


Storage racks are designed to meet industrial requirements and to optimise commercial storage systems. DENIOS storage systems are specially designed to meet the requirements for the storage of hazardous materials and chemicals.

Each shelving system offers the most secure storage of liquids via integrated into the shelf sumps.

Shelving stands are available for shelf storage of water hazardous materials, flammable liquids or aggressive chemicals. Shelving systems for water hazardous materials come complete with a drip tray on each level. With shelving for flammable liquids the drip tray is made of steel at the lowest level and includes a grid. For aggressive chemicals drip trays are made of robust polyethylene (PE).

Pallet racks

With pallet racking save space, reduce lead times, improve workflows and thereby increase productivity.

All pallet racking systems are most stable at DENIOS storage racking systems, available in different compartment widths. Pallet racks are particularly suitable for efficient, orderly and variable pallet storage. All shelf components are tested in accordance with BGR 234, RAL-RG 614 and DIN EN 15512th.