Cranes and Lifting Equipment

The use of light cranes, crane arms, and crane attachments provide a cost-effective alternative to permanent lifting and suspension units and gantries while also maximising space in the workplace, as many of these cranes can be folded away when not in use.

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Our range of cranes and lifting equipment

When it is necessary to lift items that, for whatever reason, cannot be lifted from underneath by a forklift, then our DENIOS UK industrial cranes and crane arms provide the perfect solution. A Counterbalanced Crane with a double action hydraulic pump can lift weights of up to 550kg fast and with ease, and includes a five-setting telescopic arm with safety crane hooks and a folding crane arm mast. Smaller versions of this handy and portable crane unit with a counterweight at the rear are also available, able to lift 100-350kg and 50-250kg loads respectively.

To combine safe, quick lifting with easy manoeuvrability, a Light Crane with dual action hand pump and a separated frame is able to meet all your lifting requirements. Models are available with a load capacity of either 1000kg or 500kg and come with a choice of either a splayed wheelbase, enabling the crane to be easily positioned around the object to be lifted, or a parallel wheelbase for easy control and direction.

For seriously heavy lifting in the workplace, DENIOS UK recommends an Industrial Crane with special long-life hydraulic pump, parallel frame, and parallel wheelbase. This model has a capacity of 750-1500kg, but we can also provide you with an even more powerful model, capable of lifting 1200-2000kg.

The best choice

As indicated, it is important to choose the crane unit that is right for your needs, paying attention to the minimum load specifications as well as the maximum. If you would like to discuss your Lifting Equipment needs with a member of our team then you can contact one of our knowledgeable customer service members who will be happy to help, acting as a conduit for DENIOS UK's years of experience as an industry leader in the field of safe and effective workplace solutions.

All our Cranes and Lifting Equipment can be returned for a full refund within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied, and prices include free delivery, subject to terms and conditions. Up to four years' warranty is also available on most items, giving you long-term peace of mind that your Cranes and Lifting Equipment will continue to meet your requirements while providing a safe and durable lifting solution.

Strength and convenience

DENIOS UK Cranes and Lifting Equipment provide the perfect combination of strength and convenience, meeting all your lifting needs while remaining flexible and easy to store. Forklift trucks can be upgraded with the easy attachment of a Crane Arm, providing the ability to lift loads above and over a barrier or in other situations where lifting from beneath is not appropriate or possible. Our crane units can extend up to 3.7m with up to 6-fold extendable horizontally. They can also be adjusted vertically in five separate steps up to an angle of 45 degrees.

Using a forklift extension can extend the reach of your forklift by 75% while bolt locking prevents slippage. Attaching a crane arm to a forklift provides maximum versatility and means the crane can be delivered to where it is needed fast and effectively while ensuring it is used safely by fully-trained operators.

Always ensure the safe use of your DENIOS UK cranes by following the procedures outlined in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. Work safety and environmental protection are at the heart of everything we do, and proper use of our Cranes and Lifting Equipment will help to keep your workplace hazard-free, with minimum risks of injury or accident.