Plastic Drip Trays

Plastic drip trays offer a safe storage solution for small containers. Highly resistant to most oils, acids and alkali our plastic drip trays can also be used anywhere nuisance leaks and drips occur including vehicle leaks, and machinery drips and spills.

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Choosing the right plastic spill tray

Plastic spill trays are the best option in most cases, but there are occasions when you might need a moveable spill pallet with a galvanised grid. If you are storing hazardous substances, then the use of stainless steel trays or tanks is the best option. However, the plastic spill trays are resistant to corrosion and if you are storing acids and caustic materials, this would be the best option.

You should opt for the trays that are galvanised or lacquered if you are storing substances that are combustible or hazardous to water. The plastic drip trays are ideal for use in areas where groundwater protection is needed. They prevent chemicals from seeping into the ground and affecting groundwater quality.

There is also a wide range of accessories available for the drip trays. These include access ramps and edge fastening. Where the tray has no grid, the containers will sit within the tray rather than being balanced on top of it. Consider the advantages of using each type of tray. Do you have lots of small, light containers that may not balance well on a grid? Or are you using an IBC for your chemical storage that will not sit within the tray but needs to be on top of it?

Advantages of plastic drip trays

If you are storing dangerous liquids, it makes sense to have a spill tray in place as this will help to contain any leaks. They come in a variety of sizes so no matter what size the container there is an option that will fit, right up to the size needed for IBCs. All of the Plastic Spill Trays and others in the range come with the same quality guarantee that is on all DENIOS UK products.

Most organisations are seeking to become accredited by quality standard organisations such as UKAS and the right safety measures in place such as these trays will help to achieve this. Plastic spill containment is a very easy solution to what is a potentially dangerous problem. It is a very simple safety measure to put into place. It is also a good option when it comes to value for money, as our plastic spill containment options are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

Plastic drip trays are a very simple piece of equipment to add to any workplace, yet they are also very important. Plastic is not the only option – you could also use a steel or stainless-steel tray – but this will depend upon the type of material being stored and the environment in which it is being stored. These days the wide range of health and safety regulations have to be adhered to by all businesses. This is for the safety not only of workers, but also of visitors to sites and the general public as they can be affected by spills that may make their way into waterways or even onto the street. The use of Plastic Spill Trays can help any organisation meet its legal obligations and to comply with the relevant safety standards and legislation.

The DENIOS UK range

The range of Plastic Spill Trays includes the Mobile Spill Pallet PolySafe Euroline Model F2-200 F. This comes complete with a galvanised grid. It will hold up to 2 drums of 205 litre size or a range of smaller containers. The polyethylene material used to manufacture the tray is environmentally-friendly and it is resistant to a range of materials including oils, acids and other strong and hazardous chemicals. The unit has been designed to be easy to clean and it is completely sealed. The injection moulding process used to create the spill trays and pallets means that there are no seams and therefore no weak spots in the design. This model comes complete with castors and a handle, making it very easy to move around. A safety strap makes it even safer to move around when there are drums on the tray.

Our Service

At DENIOS UK we understand the importance of customer service, so with this in mind we offer warranties of up to five years on Plastic Spill Trays such as the PolySafe ECO spill pallet in polyethylene, PE grid, for 4 x 205 litre drums (arranged 4x1), and other similar items in our range. This gives you peace of mind that if there are any problems the team at DENIOS UK will deal with it. We offer a 30-Day returns policy if there are any immediate issues and some of our items can be delivered free of charge. If you are unsure which of our PE spill trays will suit your business needs call us today and talk to a member of our team who will be happy to provide any advice that you may need.