Walk-in Chemical Stores

DENIOS walk-in hazardous material storage systems offer the highest flexibility in terms of size and equipment. With a floor area of 2 to 22 m², the hazardous material storage systems are suitable for a wide variety of applications. From storage and filling to temperature-controlled protection of the stored media. Advantage for you: The low entrance height facilitates access and the adjustment of containers.

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How are walk-in hazardous material storage facilities used?

Versatile, safe and flexible: this is how walk-in hazardous material storage areas with few attributes can be described. In practice, these systems are often used as decentralised solutions for water-polluting hazardous substances of all classes, for example to keep distances between the workplace and the storage location short. In this way, walk-in hazardous material storage facilities can make an effective contribution to optimising operational processes. 

Holistic interior fittings with shelves ensure economical and legally compliant storage of small containers. Practically proven accessories such as technical ventilation or heating systems extend the functionality of the walk-in hazardous material storage systems. 

Accessible F 90 hazardous material storage facilities offer certified fire protection for up to 22 m² of floor space and room heights of up to 2.5 metres. Whether for outdoor installation or as a separate fire compartment in the building - your fire protection requirements are perfectly met.