Hazardous Material Storage

Use of hazardous material storage facilities

Even though the legal situation in connection with the storage of hazardous substances is diverse and complex, many regulations offer room for manoeuvre. Within the framework of a risk assessment, operators must assess the potential hazards themselves and take appropriate protective measures. As soon as hazardous substances have to be stored in larger containers, in the classic way in 205 litre drums or IBCs, hazardous substance depots often no longer suffice from the space available.

Hazardous material storage facilities are then used for safe storage in accordance with regulations. Hazardous material storage facilities offer plenty of space for the safe and versatile storage of water-polluting and flammable substances. In addition to a functional and internationally proven standard range, individual solutions are possible at any time.

Certified room systems

DENIOS hazardous substance warehouses have many years of market experience as a manufacturer and supplier and, in addition to user-friendly equipment features, have all the necessary approvals and certifications:

  • Approval according to HSE regulations and PPG 26 guidelines 
  • International fire protection standards according to F 90, REI 90 and REI 120

DENIOS Tip: According to the EU Construction Product Directive, hazardous materials storage facilities are classified as a building structure and a building permit must be obtained for their installation. The spill pallet must also be provided with a test certificate. If hazardous material storage facilities already have all the relevant building permits, this procedure is considerably simplified. In addition, insurers and experts are on the safe side.

Certified according to EN DIN 1090

It goes without saying that all hazardous material warehouses are certified by the three-part European standard DIN 1090. This means you are always on the safe side with a DENIOS hazardous materials storage system. Entrust the expert with the planning of your hazardous materials storage facility. Only a supplier with full EN 1090 certification may design, produce and test approved hazardous material storage systems. DENIOS meets all these strict requirements. 

The European standard EN 1090 replaces the previous welding standard DIN 18800-7 and has been mandatory since 01.07.2014. Safety-relevant aspects are carefully checked and marked with the CE badge for hazardous materials and fire protection storage facilities.

Be sure to look out for certified products! Manufacturers without the CE and EN 1090 marking may no longer sell their products on the European domestic market!

Your advantages:

  • Tested statics and proof of stability
  • Safety-tested welded and bolted joints
  • Optimum corrosion protection

Hazardous material storage with fire protection

Anyone who has to store hazardous substances and take into account possible fire hazards has to deal with numerous regulations and rules. Not only building regulations have to be fulfilled - also the specific requirements of the legislator for a safe storage of hazardous materials play a role. Last but not least, it is about the safety of people and the protection of corporate values. It is good to have a partner at your side with decades of experience in this field. 

We offer you products that are specially tailored to your needs and offer safe fire protection both inside and out thanks to their double-frame construction. International fire resistance of up to 120 minutes is possible - tested and certified as a complete system. And because fire protection is a holistic issue, our broadly based team of experts provides all-round service in the accustomed DENIOS quality.

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Extensive equipment

DENIOS hazardous materials warehouses attach great importance to individuality. Take advantage of the wide range of options to optimally equip your hazardous materials warehouse. From ventilation and heating systems to explosion-protected components and alarm systems: use all options for the safe, legally compliant and effective storage of your hazardous materials.

Our team of experts will be happy to advise you comprehensively on the precise planning and equipment of your hazardous materials storage facility - even on site!

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