Walk-in Fire Rated Storage Containers

For many years, DENIOS has offered a European-wide tried-and-tested product range in the area of walk-in fire rated storage that fulfils all necessary safety requirements when storing hazardous materials. Whatever your needs, DENIOS can custom build containers to suit your requirements offering up to 120 minutes protection from internal and external fires. 

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What are Walk-in Fire Rated Storage Containers?

There are a number of factors to consider when storing hazardous materials, but one of them is how they will behave in the event of a fire. Many hazardous substances are flammable and will accelerate a fire, cause an explosion, or give off toxic fumes. Protecting these chemicals in the event of a fire, or containing them if they cause a fire, is essential to prevent the increased damage and injuries that they can cause. Walk-in fire rated storage containers offer a space providing fire resistance for at least 90 minutes.

Advantages of a walk-in flammable store

The walk-in flammable stores in the range at DENIOS UK provide an effective storage place for the hazardous substances stored on your premises with benefits that go beyond their fire-resistant properties. The ability to walk into the store – with many also big enough to take a trolley – makes it easy to organise and locate the different substances in the store. Many are large enough that some operations, such as transferring liquids, can also be carried out inside the fire-resistant space of the store. With lockable doors, they also prevent unauthorised access to the hazardous substances. In addition to this, the fact that they can contain a fire or prevent a fire from reaching potential accelerants will also increase work safety, increasing the chance that in the event of a fire, all personnel can be safely evacuated.

The range at DENIOS UK

Many different companies of all sizes will benefit from having a walk-in flammable storage container on the premises. These include companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing. The range at DENIOS UK includes a variety of sizes with walk-in flammable stores ranging in size from 2m² to 22m², allowing you to choose one to fit the size of your premises and the amount of hazardous substances that need storing. For increased ease of access, you can also opt for a walk-in fire rated store with 2 wing door.

As well as the stores themselves, DENIOS UK stocks a wide range of accessories to make them as efficient and effective as possible. These include shelves to help organise the interior of the walk-in flammable stores and adjustable ramps to facilitate access.

Using the expertise at DENIOS UK

When you shop at DENIOS UK, you can take advantage of more than 30 years’ experience with environmental safety products. All of our products are tested to ensure that they meet our high standards and conform to the relevant legislation. The walk-in fire rated storage containers are checked to ensure that they provide 90-minute fire resistance (RE I90). To guarantee that the protection is complete, the door seals are also checked to ensure that they can meet the standards of EN ISO 3452-1 with factory test certificate. With a four-year warranty on our products, our maintenance teams are available to swiftly resolve any problems.


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