Fire-Rated Storage Containers for Drums and IBCs

The tried and tested DENIOS range of drum and IBC storage containers is well known for safely storing fire rated hazardous materials all over Europe. These fire rated storage containers are designed to hold drums, IBCs or pallet goods. Additionally, space saving pallet racking can be added on which to store small containers.

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Where Fire Rated Storage Containers for Drums and IBCs can be used?

In farms, industrial plants and laboratories where pesticides, corrosives and other aggressive chemicals are needed, DENIOS UK flammable storage containers meet all the relevant health and safety requirements. Our safety cabinets are designed to minimise the risk of a fire taking hold in your workplace. Carefully managing solvents, flammable chemicals and fuels, these containers will stop volatile substances from heightening a blaze, safeguarding people and materials in the process.

DENIOS UK has a varied collection of small, medium and large fire rated storage for drums and IBCs. Available with or without internal shelves, they will keep dangerous chemicals well organised and correctly separated. Using storage that meets the ISO standards around fire safety, a facility can keep flammable liquids onsite while ensuring the work safety of staff. Materials can remain relatively close to the point of use, but should a fire start, employees will have ample evacuation time. Additionally, security is improved with a range of locking mechanisms, and staff members who have access are able to quickly identify what they need.

Fire rated storage containers at DENIOS UK

Developed to hold IBCs, pallet goods or 205 Litre Drums, our fire rated chemical storage container range comes in a selection of sizes. To add extra utility, the more sizable units can be customised with lighting or racking for the storage of smaller cans or bottles. Choose from models in a one or two door format, with technical ventilation, explosion protection and heating systems.

If you prefer to outsource certain tasks, then we can offer a Maintenance and Service contract with our REI 90 Fire Rated Container BMC 180-10, which is designed to house one IBC or four 205 litre drums. It offers a 90-minute resistance against fire, both internally and externally, and the seal meets EN ISO 3452-1 regulations.

You can position this unit indoors or outdoors depending on the requirements of your facility, without the need to meet safe distance requirements. The spill pallet is produced from steel and the galvanised grids are fully removable. Your team can store chemicals in a manner which supports environmental protection and a lockable self-closing door offers peace of mind against intruders.

For businesses that use larger amounts or a wider range of chemicals, our REI 90 Fire-rated Storage Container FBM has been developed to store flammable liquids and all water-polluting substances. The double walls are thermally insulated and the storage surfaces are galvanised with a removable grid. Underneath, a ground clearance of 120mm guards against corrosion, while the fire rated doors will close automatically if a fire alarm is set off.

Buying from DENIOS UK

If your business is searching for a new or replacement flammable storage container for drums and IBCs, DENIOS UK has the right solutions for you. Whether your facility is large or small, we can give expert advice on picking out the right container. Get in contact today and speak to one of our professional advisors for more information.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 811 991 to speak to a DENIOS expert.