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Flammable substances create one of the biggest potential dangers among all hazardous substances, so they must be stored appropriately & safely. With certified fire rated storage, you have fire protection that's been tried and tested to stringent safety standards, helping to safeguard people, buildings and the environment against fires and their potential spread.

And when it comes to certification, we've decided to go one step further with our containers... We are the only EU manufacturer to guarantee and certify all components within our fire rated containers - offering our customer's total fire protection throughout the entire unit. We also offer the maximum 120 minutes of fire protection, providing valuable extra time to ensure the safety of staff and facilities.

With more than 30 years' experience as a developer and manufacturer of fire proof storage systems for hazardous substances, we know exactly what you need. Speak to one of our highly trained team now on 01952 811 991 and discuss the extensive range of products and services that we can provide.

Total fire protection from DENIOS.
Inside and out.

Fire Proof Storage From The Experts

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Anyone who stores hazardous substances has to consider the possible fire hazards and the numerous regulations that surround it, as well as ensuring safety for staff and the environment.

With DENIOS as your partner, you benefit from decades of experience in this field. We offer you products specially tailored to your needs, which thanks to the double-frame construction offer reliable fire protection both inside and out. As a result, up to 120 minutes fire resistance is possible - internationally tested and certified as a complete system. And because fire protection is a holistic topic, our broad-based expert team ensures all-round service in the usual DENIOS quality.


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Up to 120 minutes fire resistance inside and out
Up to 120 minutes fire resistance inside and out
High-quality, industry-leading construction
High-quality, industry-leading construction
Suitable for outdoor installation
Suitable for outdoor installation
Suitable for indoor installation
Suitable for indoor installation
Extensive equipment options
Extensive equipment options

Flammable Storage Containers with 120 Minute Fire Rating

Fire protection bearings from DENIOS consist of walls and ceilings with fire protection and a WHG drip tray. The high-quality fire protection insulation with tested panels (building material class A) in combination with a double steel frame construction offers reliable fire protection from inside and outside. With a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes, a DENIOS fire protection warehouse guarantees the highest possible safety in the event of fire. Any leaking liquids are collected in a steel drip tray.

Thanks to extensive accessories, your fire protection warehouse can be adapted to individual requirements and provided with additional safety equipment. Various sizes and storage capacities ensure tailor-made storage options and optimal use of available space in the company.



Extensive customisation options

Take advantage of the extensive possibilities of our range of accessories for optimal equipment of your fire protection bearings. From ventilation and heating systems to equipment with explosion-proof components and alarm systems: The DENIOS range of fire protection accessories offers you all the options for the safe, legally compliant and effective storage of your hazardous substances. Our expert team will gladly advise you comprehensively on the exact planning and equipment of your fire protection warehouse - also on site!

Certified Inside and Out

When it comes to fire safety, DENIOS is the only EU manufacturer to guarantee and certify all components within our fire rated containers - providing total fire protection for your business when you need it most. Our fire rated systems are certified inside and out, with the approval of independent institutions and fully compliant with current UK regulations.

We cover all fire protection classes required throughout Europe. 

Tested & Certified - As a Complete System.  

A fire rated container must be reliable as a whole system and be able to withstand the effects of fire in various ways. Therefore, at DENIOS we are not satisfied with having individual components of our fire protection systems checked and certified. Our fire rated containers are always tested as a complete system. For you, this means the best possible security in terms of corporate values, employee protection and insurance coverage. Building permits are also noticeably shorter if the fire protection stores already meet all the necessary standards and do not need to be checked with individual proofs.

REI 90 Classification

The Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research (iBS) is an independent testing and certification body for construction products and technical fire protection systems. Within the framework of fire resistance and fire behaviour tests, the iBS as a Notified Body determines the fire resistance of construction products in accordance with European standards and test methods. Load capacity, room closure and thermal insulation of the room system according to EN 13501-2 are determined and a classification for the entire system is made. An official test report certifies the determined fire resistance and serves as proof for approval authorities and property insurers. DENIOS fire protection systems have been classified as REI 90 by iBS Linz and are therefore suitable for use in all European countries that require REI 90 fire protection or less.

REI 120 Classification

In order to classify a fire protection system according to REI 120, it must be able to withstand fire for at least 120 minutes in terms of load capacity, room closure and thermal insulation. DENIOS fire rated containers have passed the Efectis fire resistance tests according to EN 13501-2, taking into account the highest requirements.

With its laboratory accredited for more than 40 years, Efectis France is a Notified Body for the certification and testing of fire protection products. An official test report certifies the REI 120 classification of our room systems in countries with particularly stringent fire safety regulations. This way, you can always be sure - even in countries such as France, Italy, Spain and Poland, where REI 120 fire protection is currently required, DENIOS fire protection systems have demonstrably met the legal requirements.

DIBt - general building inspectorate approval with 90-minute fire protection

In Germany a general building inspectorate approval is mandatory and this is granted by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) - The German Institute for Buildings. 

Although this is a German approval, all our room systems manufactured in the UK are DiBt approved which is reliable proof that DENIOS products ensure the safe and secure storage of dangerous substances.

Custom made solutions 

If our comprehensive standard program does not suit what you are looking for, we will design individual solutions to your specifications: customised storage capacities, collection volumes, equipment for active storage, higher temperatures and much more.

Custom made solutions

Custom made solutions

DENIOS offer fire resistant storage solutions in a wide range of standard versions with extensive equipment options. But sometimes special requirements require special solutions, and we will work with you to design an individual solution tailored to your requirements.

Quality from the manufacturer

DENIOS fire protection bearings are developed and designed by the best in their field and manufactured under international quality standards in our in-house production facility, Therefore, we guarantee consistent top quality for every product and can also implement individual requirements accurately. Gain detailed insights into our production here.

Worldwide fire protection competence

Even in the individual European countries, there are different requirements for fire protection despite a common classification system. It is therefore not surprising that the topic is anything but uniformly regulated worldwide. DENIOS customers benefit from our many years of experience on an international level. For example, we also supply our customers with safe fireproof storage worldwide in accordance with country-specific legislation. For example in the USA and China:

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