Drum Tongs

Drum tongs are used for the vertical and horizontal lifting and transporting of 205 litre steel drums or drums with clamping rings. Open drums can also be transported easily using drum tongs, since they are always kept in the upright position.

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Drum Tongs - DENIOS UK

Any manufacturing industry operating with hazardous materials will require safe handling of the substances. While that applies with any manufacturing unit or any industry, safe handling of substances and materials becomes a greater concern in businesses that deal with chemicals and other potentially dangerous materials. These include several gases, petroleum, and all such substances that are required in industries across the medical, cosmetic, beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical and fertiliser sectors.

To ensure safe handling of the various products that are used and processed in these industries, there is a need for specialised equipment. DENIOS UK is a trusted name in the market for providing such equipment. Drum tongs are one such product that the company offers that make it easier and safer for workers across different industries to move large drums containing liquids.

What are drum tongs and why are they needed?

As mentioned above, the main purpose of using drum tongs or drum hangers is to ensure the safe handling of substances. The workers who operate in any manufacturing unit will inevitably have to move various materials from one place to another. Things become critical when the substances are in liquid form and can be potentially dangerous upon physical contact. The drum tongs or the drum gripper helps by holding these huge drums securely and moving them in the facility. The drum tongs are very sturdy and depending on the size, they can carry drums as heavy as 350 kg.

With regard to the safety of employees, having this equipment is vital. With the use of drum tongs, you save your employees from the pressures and ill effects of heavy lifting, plus there is always a risk of spills and leakages when transporting heavy drums of liquid, no matter how much care is taken. With the use of a drum tong, such as the Drum gripper model P 360, the risk is drastically reduced, and a safer working environment within your operations or manufacturing facility is created.

The drum tongs offered by DENIOS are ideally suited for vertical lifting and transporting of steel or other closed drums that have clamping rings. This equipment can also be used to transport open drums as there is minimal disruption and the tongs always keep the drums in an upright position. That ensures that the substance in the drums does not leak if sufficient care is taken.

We believe in the utmost safety and superior quality

DENIOS UK has been a leader in the industry, offering safe handling equipment as well as equipment that ensure optimal environmental safety. The company believes in ensuring top-quality standards in manufacture and offers up to a 4-year warranty on all its equipment. The equipment undergoes stringent quality checks, and hence, there are very few cases when a need arises for a recall of the equipment. However, the company offers a 30-day return policy to its customers as well as free delivery of the equipment.

To get further details on drum tongs and other safe handling equipment for hazardous liquids, you can contact the technical support team any time. You can also request to receive quotations for any equipment that you require along with all the relevant details.

Need more information or advice? Call 01952 811 991 to speak to a DENIOS expert.