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Manual Drum Pumps for Flammables

Flammable hand drum pumps

Any business that uses flammable liquids in their operations must make sure that their staff can safely fill, refill and empty drums which contain flammable liquids without exposure to either the liquids or the fumes that they produce. 

Whether your firm has the need to pump low-viscosity mineral oils or flammable solvents comfortably and safely, DENIOS UK offers a broad range of die-cast or stainless-steel manual drum pumps for flammable liquids. We also have EX-approved stainless steel drum pumps for solvents that are perfect for high-purity liquids, including organic solvents and flavourings.

In addition to our range of manual drum pumps, DENIOS UK offers a selection of foot-operated pumps for conveniently filling and emptying flammable liquids in a variety of applications.


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Hand pumps for low-viscosity liquids

DENIOS UK has a wide range of barrel pumps for flammables that are suitable for extracting petroleum, heating oil, undiluted anti-freeze, diesel fuel and low-viscosity mineral oils. Our pumps have been tested to meet Atex standards for EX approval. These pumps come with a conductive hose with an anti-kink spring and a discharge elbow and also have an adjustable compression gland.

Hand pumps for flammable solvents

We have a wide range of hand pumps for flammable solvents that have a high pumping capacity and are suitable for cellulose thinners, ethanol, isopropanol, methanol, perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene and turpentine. These pumps include a telescopic immersion pipe and an electrically conductive hose, ball valve and nozzle.

Hand pumps for high-purity liquids

We also offer an excellent choice of hand pumps for dispensing high-purity liquids safely. These pumps have been tested to meet Atex standards for EX approval and are suitable for dispensing organic solutions and flavourings. The parts of the pump that come into contact with liquids are manufactured from stainless steel, and the pump features a PTFE seal. A version for use on tin-plate canisters fits on pull-out spouts.

Foot-operated solvent pumps

We have a selection of foot-operated pumps for dispensing high-purity fluids conveniently. These sturdy and long-lasting pumps are recommended for use in dispensing acetone and have been tested to meet Atex standards for EX approval. Only stainless steel parts come into contact with the stored liquid, and the pump features a PTFE seal. A screw connection can hermetically close the pump and drum, and the pump has a stop valve that prevents undesirable vapours from escaping.

Our service

All the flammable hand drum pumps supplied by DENIOS UK come with up to a four-year warranty, free delivery, and a 30-day returns policy, as detailed in our terms and conditions. Therefore, you can purchase from us with confidence knowing that we have a strong quality assurance system in place. Our customer service is unsurpassed, so you know you can order from us without any risk.

If you have any concerns or questions about any of the items we offer or any of our services, please contact a member of our technical support team. We always have customer service representatives available to ensure you receive local, reliable and responsive support whenever you need it.

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