Manual Drum Pumps for Fuels and Oils

Fuel and oil hand drum pumps

Choose the right pump for your requirements and medium from the DENIOS range of manual pumps suitable for mineral oils, machine oil and antifreeze.

Whether you require crank handle pumps, manual lever pumps or polypropylene lever pumps, drum pumps for corrosive substances or drum pumps manufactured from die-cast zinc to filling and transfer pumps, DENIOS offers the ideal pump solution for the specified applications.


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Fuel and Oil Hand Drum Pumps

As part of our full line of hazardous material handling products, DENIOS UK offers an excellent selection of fuel and oil hand drum pumps.

It is necessary for every business that utilises hazardous liquids in their working operations for them to ensure that their employees can safely fill, refill and empty drums that contain these liquids without exposure to the liquids or the fumes that the liquids can create.

DENIOS UK makes it easy to choose the correct hand drum pumps that meet your needs. We offer a broad range of hand pumps suitable for machine oils, mineral oils, anti-freeze and petrochemical liquids.

Whether you need manual lever pumps, polypropylene lever pumps, crank handle pumps, drum pumps for corrosive substances, drum pumps manufactured from die-cast zinc, or filling and transfer pumps, DENIOS UK offers the best pump solution for your specific application.

Container pumps

DENIOS UK offers two types of container hand pumps. Our small-capacity hand pump is suitable for containers with a capacity of up to 30 litres and is designed to dispense oil and non-aggressive liquids. This suction pump uses a pistol handle and has a 1.5m outlet hose with a return valve. The pump is manufactured from plastic.

Our larger-capacity hand pump is suitable for drums with a capacity of up to 60 litres and is designed to dispense petrochemical liquids. The pump has a polypropylene body and has three adapters to fit bung diameter sizes from 49.5mm to 60mm. It also has a four-part intake pipe, with an immersion pipe length of 950mm. You can adjust the outlet lever, so you can either pump out a small amount of liquid or continuously pump out a larger amount of liquid. The manual plunger creates an overpressure that forces the fluid out of the container when you open the tap. A transfer hose with a nozzle is available as an optional accessory.

Drum pumps

We also offer a wide range of drum pumps to meet your needs. Our drum pumps include a die-cast, zinc alloy manual oil drum pump for engine hydraulic and gear oils, an aluminium hand pump for mineral oils and anti-freeze, a manual lever pump for mineral and lubricating oils, and an electric drum pump for aggressive media.

Tank pumps

For pumping lubricating oils up to SAE 80, DENIOS UK offers a tank hand pump. This oil pump is manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy and fits drums and tanks with a 2” thread. Its pumping capacity is approximately 0.25 litres/stroke. The tank pump includes a 1.5m hose kit and a delivery elbow.