Manual Drum Pumps for Acids

Acid hand drum pumps

DENIOS offers a wide range of pumps suitable for acids and alkali, which are adapted to the material pumped.

Whether drums, canisters or large containers are used - rotary pumps, lever pumps, drum pumps, chemical hand pumps, canister pumps or manual filling and transfer pumps are suitable for use with both acids and alkalis due to their polypropylene, PTFE or PVC construction.

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Manual drum pumps for acids

Whether you work in a small office or a large manufacturing plant, you cannot predict when a hazard is going to occur. While the type of risk and its extent differs from workplace to workplace, making sure that staff are well protected and safeguarded is essential. That is particularly true when your workforce frequently has to deal with smoke, dust, chemicals, acids, alkalis and other hazardous elements. If you are dealing with chemicals, acids and alkalis frequently, acid hand drum pumps are a must-have piece of equipment. That is because an acid pump assures safe transportation of such substances is possible.

A hand operated acid drum pump is basically an air pump that is operated by hand and works to pour out and empty tanks, canisters, barrels and drums in an effective and secure manner. These chemical hand pumps help to maintain quality safety standards and reduce any potential risk to the environment.

When do acid hand drum pumps come into use?

Owing to their portability and ability to transfer chemicals, acids and alkalis in an efficient and prompt manner, the chemical hand pump is used for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes. It is widely used to pump out acids and chemicals after the fluids have been transported from one place to another. In addition to that, these pumps are often used to dispense fluids, oils, caustic and chlorine-based chemicals, diesel oil and liquid fertilisers. The pumps ensure that companies dealing with the transfer of toxic liquid substances are maintaining the highest possible safety levels. These products ensure that acids can be moved from one location to the next without any harm being caused.

Which materials should acid hand drum pumps be constructed from?

The wide range of pumps for acids and other chemicals can easily be adapted to the fluids pumped. To pump out canisters, large containers or drums, you can use our acid hand pump, drum pumps, or canister pumps to manually empty out drums and canisters that contain the hazardous liquids. These pumps work well for acids as well as alkalis owing to their PVC, polypropylene or PTFE construction.

Managing operations with acid hand drum pumps

A chemical drum pump is basically attached to the opening of the barrel or drum that needs to be filled or emptied. These pumps are designed to ensure secure and seamless transfer of a huge array of liquids and difficult to handle fluids. They help businesses to manoeuvre liquids that would be harmful if they came into direct contact with employees or the environment with a greater degree of safety.

When personal safety is at stake at your workplace, you need to ensure that adequate precautionary measures are in place to minimise injuries and damage if an accident should occur. Chemical drum pumps are a part of the precautionary steps you can take to ensure that the safety of workers and the surrounding environment is not at risk. DENIOS UK offers you the best and highest quality acids pumps. Our pumps even come with a 30-day return policy, free delivery and up to four years of warranty. This helps you place your orders without worries. Contact our technical support team if you require more information on acid hand drum pumps.

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