grease guns

Grease Guns

As one section of our full line of hazardous material handling products, DENIOS offer a range of grease guns.

All enterprises that use equipment or vehicles in their practical applications need to lubricate them at appropriate intervals to keep them working at peak efficiency and avoid damage from excessive friction that can reduce their working life.

DENIOS UK makes it easy to find the right grease gun for your application. Our battery-operated grease guns are perfect for on-the-spot lubrication without creating a mess. We also have a selection of manual grease guns, including grease guns with a high-pressure hose and a reinforced rubber hose.

We offer a replacement standard grease cartridge that fits most of our battery-operated and manual grease guns. The 400g grease cartridge contains lithium saponified multipurpose grease, and the product is offered in packages containing 12 cartridges.

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Battery-operated grease guns

When you need on-the-spot lubrication for machines, vehicles and mechanical equipment, a battery-operated grease gun can help you deliver lubricants efficiently without making a mess. DENIOS UK offers two types of battery-operated grease guns. One model uses a standard 400g grease cartridge, while the other uses a 500g screw-in grease cartridge.

Each type of grease gun comes with a 1000mm high-pressure hose, two 18V high-performance lithium-ion batteries (one for use and one for reserve) and a quick charger that charges the battery within 60 minutes. A convenient and sturdy plastic storage case is also provided with each model. You can replace the grease cartridge in the 400g model with a standard 400g grease cartridge, or you can refill it with loose grease using grease-filling equipment.

Manual grease guns

DENIOS UK offers an excellent selection of manual grease guns to keep your motors and mechanical equipment well lubricated. Our manual grease guns provide you with accurate control to deliver the correct amount of grease right where you need it.

We offer three types of manual grease guns – a model with a standard hose, a model with a high-pressure hose and a model with a safety reinforced rubber hose. All three types are hand-operated and have a four-jaw coupler. They are manufactured from precision steel and incorporate Profi grease technology for use anywhere where critical lubrication points are difficult to reach. All three types have an R = G 1/8" connection thread and use a standard 400g grease cartridge.

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