Oil Drum Pumps

Oil drum pumps

At DENIOS you can find a wide range of electric pumps for oil and diesel, mineral oils and motor and gear oil.

Sited for low-viscosity mineral oils and the filling or decanting of material stored in drums or containers. DENIOS has the right pump for every requirement whether it is a drum pump with a plunge depth of up to 1000 mm or a portable oil pump.

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Oil Drum Pumps

As part of our full line of hazardous material handling products, DENIOS UK offers electric drum pumps including an excellent selection of oil drum pumps.

DENIOS UK has a wide range of drum pumps for mineral oils, diesel, standard, motor and gear oils. They are suitable for low-viscosity mineral oils as well as the decanting or filling of material stored in drums. We can provide the right pump to meet every requirement, whether it is an oil transfer pump with a plunge depth of up to 1000 mm or a portable oil drum pump.

Suitable for mineral oils, diesel fuel, as well as motor and gear oils, these oil drum pumps are designed to operate with liquids of various viscosities. Some products are intended for industrial use, while others have been manufactured as food-grade pumps that are suitable for use in catering or service industries.

When you are choosing an oil drum pump for your business operations, ensure that it comes with a suitable nozzle that offers an adequate flow rate and distribution for your purposes. Some diesel drum pumps have in-built flow counters to make sure that you extract the precise amount of oil you need for your specific operation.

Electric oil drum pumps

DENIOS UK offers a large selection of electric oil drum pumps for dispensing diesel, heating oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil and engine oil. Some models come with a built-in flow meter to help you dispense the right amount of oil for your specific application. If your operations are spread out over different work zones, a mobile oil pump will be invaluable. Our mobile electric oil drum pumps are suitable for dispensing mineral oils, engine oils and gear oils, while we also offers a selection of electric drum oil pumps for dispensing cold-pressed rapeseed oil and vegetable oil. All our electric oil drum pumps are powered by a 230V motor and come with a 5m electrical cable and power plug.

Compressed-air oil drum pumps

We also offer an excellent selection of compressed-air oil drum pumps for use in motor vehicle workshops, the agricultural industry, communal car pools and industrial operations. We have some compressed-air oil transfer pump models that are best suited for dispensing diesel, heating oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, drilling emulsion, antifreeze, glycerine and glycol and others that are best suited for dispensing oils and cooking emulsions. These lightweight, maintenance-free oil transfer pumps do not require an electrical connection and are easy to operate. These compressed-air oil drum pumps are also self-priming.