Acid Drum Pumps

Acid drum pumps ensure the safe filling of low viscosity acids and alkalis either from or into small containers. The plunge depth of 1200 mm allows perfect filling and decanting from drums and containers and the high flow rate ensures efficient pump operation. Compressed air membrane pumps are well suited for acids and alkalis.

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Acid Drum Pumps - DENIOS UK

Protecting your workplace from hazardous emissions such as dust, aerosols, smoke and other particles is imperative in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment. That is even more vital if you are working in a large chemical manufacturing plant. If your company deals with the transfer of acids, chemicals and alkalis, you know that drum pumps are imperative, but it is also essential to know that you obtain the best and most secure types.

An acid pump or drum pump is basically an electric compressed air pump that is specifically used to empty drums, tanks or barrels. That ensures that the transfer of hazardous acids is conducted in a safe and secure manner.

When are acid drum pumps used?

Acids and other liquids that are used in various processing and manufacturing plants are delivered in 100- or 200-litre barrels. Although it guarantees secure transportation, these large containers of acids and liquids can cause problems when it comes to transferring contents. This is because the barrels are too heavy to handle easily, so emptying out the acid can be quite a task. An acid barrel pump in this case is the ideal solution.

These pumps are used for transferring aggressive chemicals such as water treatment chemicals, concentrated acids, flammable liquids and aggressive alkalis from drums, huge storage vessels and tote tanks.

How do the acid drum pumps make sure operations run smoothly?

These pumps for acids come with a vertical shaft inside a narrow tube and are suitable for use with almost any type of liquid. The tube fits seamlessly into the drum opening. The pumps are manufactured in a variety of materials to suit your industry and the nature of your operations. Filling and decanting from drums and containers is made easy and seamless owing to the fact that these pumps have a plunge depth of 1200 mm. These compressed air membrane pumps also come with a high flow rate. That ensures that the effective pump operation, as well as the filling of low viscosity acids and alkalis, is conducted flawlessly.

These drum pumps for acids come with variable speed motors. That further guarantees that dangerous and hazardous chemicals can be transferred carefully and safely. These pumps are a favourite product because they are easy to operate and lightweight in nature.

Acids drum pumps and employee safety

There is nothing more important than having a safe working space. In addition to that need, it is also our duty as citizens to protect the environment. DENIOS UK places special emphasis on those two factors. That is why these pumps are designed to help with environmental protection as well as in maintaining safe working standards at all times. Our environmental protection and work safety equipment makes certain that risk at work is minimised while any possible negative impact on the environment is controlled.

Our acid pumps come with up to four years warranty, a 30-day return policy and free delivery. You can read the terms and conditions of the product for full details. You can place orders knowing that you are assured of being supplied with high quality, risk-free and long-lasting products. If you have any further enquiries regarding our acid drum pumps, feel free to contact our technical support team.