Use container agitators for homogenisation, agitating and dissolving, i.e. in electroplating or water treatment and in the chemical, beverage and cosmetic industries.

These container agitators are also available in an explosion-resistant version. Compressed air stirrers for bung-sealed containers are also explosion-resistant. DENIOS offers both agitators for open containers as well as compressed air hand agitators.

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When it comes to making operations easier and safer at any manufacturing unit, particularly ones that deal with chemicals and potentially hazardous liquids, there is a need for special equipment that will ease the process of mixing and separating the liquids while ensuring optimal safety. That is when the role of an agitator can become quite crucial. DENIOS UK is known for its superior quality products that have offered easy and tailor-made solutions to the chemical and manufacturing industries. The company has the highest level of technical expertise in the manufacture of agitators.

Irrespective of the volume and complexity of the liquids in question, the company has always supplied agitators that are absolutely reliable and convenient for customers to use in various industries, including the chemical, cosmetic and beverage sectors.

DENIOS UK sells a high range of technically superior agitators to meet the needs of different industries. Whether it is for homogenisation or suspending, dispersing, gassing, electroplating, water treatment or the supply of heat or heat removal, there is a wide selection of agitators available, such as the IBC agitators and other types that each serve a specific purpose. Maximum operational reliability is ensured with the use of top quality mechanical seals and sealing systems. The resulting agitators meet all international quality standards and are typically manufactured according to the DIN ISO 9001 requirements. The company offers agitators for use with containers and as air hand agitators. So, you will be able to find the right agitator to suit your requirements without difficulty.

Safe handling

When working in an industry that requires close contact with potentially harmful materials, safe handling is an extremely important aspect to consider. The IBC agitators offered by DENIOS are manufactured with safety as the key objective. The agitators ensure that the people handling and working with dangerous and hazardous liquids are safe from the effects of physical contact with the substances.


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