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Drum Handling Equipment - Manual Handling Equipment

In every industry a large proportion of hazardous materials are stored in drums. To ensure an efficient production process, drums have to be transported safely to the work place and filling and dispensing processes may also have to be under taken.

As experts in hazardous material storage solutions, DENIOS know exactly how to handle drums and have been creating material handling equipment for hazardous materials for over 25 years. Our broad product range of drum handling equipment ensures all applications can be carried out to a high standard. 

DENIOS has developed and produced a wide range of products and technical solutions for every drum handling task, be it lifting, moving, turning, tipping or emptying to ensure optimum safety for both personnel and the environment . 

Drum trolleys, transporters and dollies are used to easily lift and transport standing or horizontal containers and are suitable for all types of drums up to 500 kg.

We offer various types of drum lifters, drum pallet trucks, drum transport lifters, drum grippers and drum turners which can be used in a variety of ways from loading and removing drums from spill pallets or Euro pallets, for use with vertically and horizontally stored drums to turning, mixing and emptying drums. 

Our range of barrel handling equipment extends further to include load lifting equipment for other lifting operations such as attachments for standing and horizontally stored drums, drum tongs for suspension in crane track, drum lifting grippers for all types of steel drum up to 500 kg, for setting drums upright and for transport of standing or horizontal drums by one person. Additionally we offer a range of attachments for forklifts which enable a user to lift drums, transport them and sometimes turn them, position drums close to each other on a shelf and to store drums efficiently without manual handling.