Oil Absorbents

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Accidents happen - but this does not have to be a problem if you have the right products on hand!

In the event of an oil spill or machinery drips, you will require an oil absorbent that absorbs the escaped liquid quickly and effectively. It is important that oil absorbents are available quickly and in the right format, depending on the particular situation.

Designed to absorb oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids but repel water, DENSORB oil absorbents are ideal for absorbing oil floating on water. Their ability to absorb oil is not reduced by rainwater either, if used outdoors. 

We offer an extensive range of oil absorbents to meet your requirements which includes oil absorbent granules, socks, booms, cushions and pads as well as emergency spill kits for fast and effective clean up of leaks and spills. Designed for use in all types of industries, they are particularly important in chemical factories and other types of industry, such as motor repair, where oils are frequently used.

The DENIOS Range

Oil Absorbent Rolls can be used to cover spills that have spread over a wide area. In factories and other industrial settings, it could be used to create a barrier around a machine if there is a risk that it may leak oil.  They are able to soak up the oil and repel any water. We also supply Oil Absorbent Mats which are ideal for general, everyday use. They can be used when repair work is being carried out or can be placed on a workbench to protect it from everyday smaller spills.

For larger spills where the amount of fluid involved may be a high volume, there are different options such as the DENSORB oil absorbent socks. The granules are an option in a variety of situations such as on water, as they are water repellent they will only soak up the oil or other hydrocarbon-based fluid such as petrol. They are ideal for use in poor weather conditions. DENSORB oil barriers are perfect for use on the surface of water. As with most of the other DENSORB products this barrier will repel water and even when it is saturated with oil it will still float, making it ideal for containing a small spill on a river or pond.

Oil Skimmers are ideal when oil is deep within a drain, tank, gully or other hard-to-reach place. They have a very high absorption rate and a high binding capacity. In some situations, it may be that Oil Absorbents have to remain in place for a long time. An option is the Oil Dice, which is often used in harbours or around water treatment works. Oil Spill Kits are an essential part of the safety equipment in most industrial settings and these will help you to minimise risk when there is a spill of oil or other chemicals.

DENSORB products offer a range of advantages in the workplace, thanks to the ease with which they can be used and their efficiency at tackling chemical spills.

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Choosing the right Oil Absorbents

If you work in an industrial setting, you may need to have Oil Absorbents to hand at all times. Most can absorb several times their own weight in chemicals and oil. Remember that once you have used the oil absorbent products, they need to be disposed of, and it can be less expensive to dispose of the oil absorbent pads than the Oil Absorbent Granules. They tend to be smaller in size and lighter to begin with, so even though they can absorb more oil than the granules they will weigh less when they have been used.

Consider carefully the working environment that you are in when choosing which oil absorbent materials will be suitable for your workplace. If you have machinery, consider if it might leak oil or other chemicals. Consider each and every task in the workplace. Does it involve the use of chemicals? If the answer is yes, then some form of spill kit or oil absorbent material may be needed.

Using Oil Absorbents

We can advise you on the use of the different oil absorbent products and whether oil absorbent pads or granules will be better for your workplace. All members of staff who work in each area should be shown how and when to use the various products as it is important that any spills or leaks are tackled as soon as they happen. However, all of the DENIOS UK oil absorbent materials are extremely easy to use and will work on all spills, no matter how big or small.

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