Densorb Oil Barriers 300 x 13 cm, 115l, 200 mats, green

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Product Information

  • Hydrophobic design ensures oil or hydrocarbon-based liquids are absorbed and water is repelled
  • Can float on water even when saturated
  • Ideally suited to removing oil or fuel spills from the surface of water
  • Reliable absorption of engine oil, diesel, heating oil, cutting oil, vegetable oil, oil-based solvents etc and more
  • Very low risk of dripping thanks to strong adhesion between the surface of the fibres and the absorbed liquid
  • The colour helps identification of saturation level
  • For quick containment and absorption of oil and fuel spills from the surface of water
  • Suitable for ponds, lakes, rivers and harbours etc
  • Especially efficient polypropylene- based absorbent materials
  • Strong netting and robust inner sock
  • With retrieval rope and simple-to-use carabiners and eyes to connect barriers together
  • The especially stable design prevents damage when retrieving the barriers
Packing unit (VE) 4 Item(s)
Absorption capacity (litres/pack) 135 l / pack
Absorption capacity (litres/pack) 135 Liter / VE
Application Oil
Format Barriers
Width (mm) 130 mm
Length, external (mm) 3048
Diameter, external (mm) 130
External dimensions W x D x H [mm] 130 x x 130

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