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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment

Every industry needs specific cleaning equipment to suit its needs. An important cog in the wheel of any organisation, there are many things to take into account to ensure that what’s chosen is fit for purpose. Whether in the automotive, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, for example, the workplace safety and environmental protection factors will have a bearing on what’s being purchased, as well as the substances being cleaned. DENIOS offers a wide range of cleaning equipment, from wheelie bins, to cleaning cloths, to waste collection trolleys and cleaning agents.

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Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment can mean anything from simple tools, such as magnetic brushes, gripping jaws, cleaning trolleys or waste trolleys, to technical equipment. DENIOS offers solutions to deal with any hazard that may be encountered both inside and outside any workplace. In a manufacturing environment, a waste collection trolley is not simply a bin – it could be collecting refuse sacks full of cleaning cloths that have been used in a pharmaceutical environment, for example, which means that there are health and safety issues to consider before the purchase is made. For example, when ordering a parts cleaning unit, is it being used to clean, degrease or prepare items for printing or painting? One of the many cleaning equipment solutions is the DENIOS bio.x range, which includes environmentally friendly biological cleaning agents that aren’t subject to solvent valuation, a bio.x parts cleaner unit and a range of accessories.

Surface cleaning

Cleanliness and tidiness in any workplace is important, both for health and safety reasons and to facilitate a positive environment for employees. Our range includes safety vacuums for use with different harm dust classes such as wood dust, asbestos and carcinogenic dusts, which cause illnesses, and are designed to meet noise reduction laws, as well as complying with European safety standards and the requirements of current legislation. When choosing cleaning agents for use with cleaning equipment, the DENIOS range is suitable for dissolving grease, resins, oils, soot, wax, bitumen and tar splashes and is compatible with all ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Recyclable waste

A high proportion of waste material is recyclable and can be redistributed back into the economic cycle, and safety considerations must be dealt with as this is done. Cleaning equipment is an important part of this process as deciding how waste will be collected and disposed of is key. DENIOS offers a range of solutions for different scenarios, with a range of collectors for recyclable products, including baskets for fire safety, waste containers and sorting modules. Every recyclable waste collection product comes with up to a four-year guarantee and a 30-day return policy, so you can buy with confidence.