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Industrial Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths

DENIOS cleaning cloths are suitable for all industrial sectors and are ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of production machines and tools. The cleaning cloths are very resistant, washable and reusable, and fully absorb oils and lubricants.

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Cleaning Wipes

Every industry needs the correct cleaning equipment specifically designed for its unique needs. In the pharmaceutical sector, for instance, there are established safety measures and protocols in place concerning how rooms are cleaned and what kinds of products can be used. With manufacturing, such as in the automotive industries or engineering, clean-ups could range from removing heavy-duty oil, to maintaining delicate pieces of kit. DENIOS offers a wide range of cleaning equipment options for these sectors, including cleaning wipes, solvent-resistant cleaning wipes and industrial cleaning cloths.

Industrial-strength cleaning cloths

DENIOS supplies cleaning cloths that are designed for all industrial sectors, including gas, oil and manufacturing, and are suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of production materials and tools – for example, as they absorb oils and lubricants. Our selection of industrial-strength cleaning cloths includes cellulose cloths, which are strong and ideal for work environments such as garages and for maintenance work on dirty and oily rooms, and textile cotton cloths, which are extremely absorbent, soft and ideal for use with solvents.

Surface cleaning

Cleaning wipes and absorbent cleaning cloths are only part of the surface cleaning options that DENIOS offers. To ensure that industrial cleaning processes are undertaken correctly and efficiently so that they reach industry standards, we have a product range for surface cleaning designed to tackle every hazard. Sweepers for both inside and out, cleaning fluids and cleaning trolleys for liquid cleaners are part of our extensive range, so you can make the right choice to meet your particular workplace requirements.

Environmental and industrial hazards

As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of services and products for environmental protection and workplace safety, DENIOS is able to offer support and guidance, as well as supplying legally compliant products, custom services and solutions for the handling of hazardous substances. For example, in our workshop cleaning agents range, there are a number of options, including the DENIOS UK bio.x range, which includes environmentally friendly solvent-free cleaning. We provide general absorbents as well as ones for oil and chemical, and we also stock waste oil collection equipment and parts cleaning and washing tables to provide you will all the cleaning and related solutions that you need.