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Waste Disposal Bins for Hazardous Waste

Waste wheelie bins

DENIOS offer a wide range of wheelie bins for the safe disposal of hazardous waste.

With a variety of sizes up to 340 litre capacity, and a choice between polyethylene, polypropylene or sheet steel available with or without wheels according to their size, DENIOS will have the right solution for your application.

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Waste Wheelie Bins

Safely dispose of harmful waste with our vast selection of waste disposal bins, chemical waste bins and hazardous waste bins. Our hazardous waste containers are available in a wide range of sizes, from 20L all the way up to 1100L. Available in a variety of colours such as red, yellow and green for material colour coding, and made with materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and sheet steel, DENIOS UK’s products offer the right solution for any application.

Whether you need them for general waste or hazardous waste disposal, our waste wheelie bins are ideal for the temporary collection and disposal of waste to ensure its segregation from other materials prior to its subsequent removal from your facility. Our coloured bins are ideal for separating different types of recycling products and ensuring that specific types of hazardous waste remain separate to avoid reactions with and contamination of the general waste stream.

We stock a wide selection of 240L wheelie bins, such as the Large Wheelie Bin, Galvanised Steel, 240 Litre Capacity and the Large Wheelie Bin, 240 Litre Volume, which are ideal for temporary waste storage for smaller businesses. Our 240-litre wheelie bins are all manufactured in accordance with EN 840 for waste and recyclable material containers.

Whether you require our small Bin With Hinged Lid, 40 Litre Capacity for onsite storage of waste materials or a much larger bin such as the Mobile Wheelie Bin Made From Polyethylene, 360 Litre Volume, Red, DENIOS UK has the ideal hazardous or chemical waste bin to meet your organisation’s needs. The latter product features an easy-to-manoeuvre sturdy chassis, which makes it ideal for the collection of waste from various areas of a larger business

Improved safety and durability

Many of our wheelie bins for hazardous waste are resistant to UV rays, weather and various chemicals. Depending on their size, our hazardous waste bins frequently feature four safety swivel castors, two of which include locking brakes, to allow for the easy movement of the bins whether they are full or empty.

Designed with safety in mind, our larger wheelie bins for hazardous waste have a low centre of gravity to ensure high stability and lids to prevent exposure to hazardous fumes. Lockable water drains and safety mounting pins are also common features of these bins.