Cleaning Accessories

Here you will find a wide range of accessories that you need for effective surface cleaning. From mops with aluminium telescopic handles to dust bags for safety vacuum cleaners.

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Industrial Floor Cleaning

Depending on the floor covering and the dirt, different methods of cleaning industrial floors are used. After removing loose dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to wipe the surface wet. If these are smaller areas or hard to reach areas, the classic mop is usually used.

For normal cleaning, use a soap-free cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. If heavily soiled, choose the cleaner especially for the corresponding contamination or an industrial cleaner.

In factories, tiles are often exposed to heavy loads. A thorough cleaning not only cleans of daily dirt, but also extends the life. Even with tiles, the cleaning products should be adapted to the material of the tiles and the pollution

industrial floor cleaning