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Flood Barriers

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Whether it happens as a result of heavy rain or burst water pipes, the damage caused by flood water can be devastating to homes and businesses. DENIOS UK can supply your organisation with innovative flood barriers and accessories, bringing you peace of mind and enabling you to safeguard your property in all weather conditions.

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Portable pump kit
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What are flood barriers?

Flood barriers form a sturdy and reliable defence against tidal surges, swollen rivers or torrential rain, thereby shielding a structure from water damage. You might think that flood defences will be too large and unwieldy for your property, but they are in fact installed to your exact specifications. At DENIOS UK, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we have a collection of bespoke gates and doors, along with accessories such as portable pump kits, to help you get your premises cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Does your business need a barrier?

From warehouses to garages and storerooms, most commercial buildings in the UK are accessed through a wooden or PVC door, both of which can let in water if the area outside begins to flood. When you live in a part of the country that is prone to flooding, the best solution is a flood door or barrier, which can be shut to prevent flood water from entering.

Types of flood protection barrier

Where there is a larger area to manage and time is a priority, our solid Buffalo Steel Gates can be operational within ten minutes and are produced to your exact requirements. We sell manual or automated gates up to a height of 3m and a width of 13m. They are a practical solution to the problem of flooding in harbours, car parks or entrance points, especially those situated close to the coast or rivers.

Manufactured from aluminium and steel, our Buffalo Heavy Duty Barriers can be fixed in place across a doorway or other space, using custom brackets and plates to suit the area involved. We will make a barrier of any length, and multiple height options are available – choose between a minimum of 0.4m and a maximum of 1.6m. Barriers are tailor-made for individual customers and come with demountable posts, so they can be removed until a flood risk becomes apparent.

Our Buffalo Steel Flood Doors act as an entry point to a building and they fulfil two purposes: they prevent the ingress of floodwater and provide robust protection against unauthorised entry. They are available as single or double doors and can be supplied at different heights and widths. All of our flood doors are built to the highest standards and tested to meet BS PAS 1188 requirements.

Pumps and valves

When a flood has breached the defences and is threatening to inundate your property, we have a portable pump kit containing everything you need to get the water level down to a residual amount of 3mm. Once you have deployed the two FloodSax bags included with the pack, just put the 4m hose into position and then turn on the pump to remove up to 80 litres every minute. When the problem is lower down, our Underfloor Void Sump, with its substantial 70-litre capacity, will get to work immediately.

Another highly practical product with many uses is the Uni Fit Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve, which is suitable for clay or plastic pipes of 110mm. It prevents toxic fumes or rodents in sewage pipes from entering a building and also prevents the backflow of wastewater, so avoiding flooding via plugs or toilet systems.

Our service

With DENIOS UK, you’ll receive a warranty on each product of up to four years, along with a 30-day returns policy and free delivery, as per our terms and conditions. Moreover, as everything that we sell is subject to a thorough quality assurance program, you can buy with confidence. To speak to a member of our expert team about any of the products on these pages, please feel free to contact us. There’s always someone on hand to give advice and provide support when required.

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