Plunger Cans


The FALCON cans ensure the safe and economical moistening of cleaning rags and sponges with ease. The easy-to-use pumping station with spring-mounted watering plate makes the FALCON watering can a reliable aid in many areas of operation.

No drop is lost during removal, since residual liquid flows directly back into the container after the application of the drinker. A further advantage: the generation of harmful fumes is reduced to a minimum. The integrated flame barrier prevents ignition of the container contents.

Available in stainless steel version or galvanized in safety yellow. Safety labels according to GHS.

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FALCON Plunger Cans: improved safety & reduced waste

Convince yourself in the video of the ingenious technology of the FALCON Plunger Cans! When the watering plate is lowered, the liquid is transported upwards via the pumping mechanism. As soon as the cleaning cloth is moistened and removed from the soaking plate, the plate moves upwards. The remaining liquid runs back into the container.