FALCON – Handling hazardous liquids with precision

Handling flammable liquids requires caution, vigilance and attention, which is why FALCON products have been designed to provide reliable protection and maximum safety during the transport and handling of hazardous substances. 

The extensive FALCON range includes filling cans, jerry cans, storage and transport containers and safety containers for the safe handling of aggressive substances as well as spray jugs, cans and dipping containers for cleaning work.

Your advantages with FALCON:

  • High-precision, fine dosing for precise filling and filling or highly dosed spraying
  • Economical, uniform removal, the committees and solvent fumes significantly reduced
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and aggressive media
  • Resistant, robust and high-quality workmanship
  • Perfect all-round protection (for example against flame penetration or ignition of the contents) by venting, pressure relief valves, flame arrestors and protective rings around the container body
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Secure application


FALCON fine-dosing cans and storage and transport jugs ensure safe handling of flammable and corrosive substances:

1. Stainless Steel Vent
The anti-faucet valve has a chemically resistant PTFE seal and allows the filling to be carried out even in small openings. FALCON safety containers are also available with an anti-dosing cock.

2. Screw Closure with Pressure Relief Valve

The screw cap with pressure relief valve also ensures a safe storage of aggressive substances with a chemical resistant PTFE seal.

3. Flame Proof
The integrated flame barrier protects employees and the environment optimally against flame penetration and ignition of the container contents. Our FALCON safety containers with a faucet cock also have an integrated flame barrier.

4. Protective Ring
The protective ring made of resistant plastic protects the container from damage during storage and transport. Other FALCON products with protective ring: FALCON cans, FALCON spray cans, FALCON safety storage tanks and transport containers.

5. Ergonomic Handle

Safe handling during filling, storage and transport: An ergonomic and stable handle was an important criterion when developing our FALCON transport containers.

All products come with statutory GHS labeling

All FALCON products are supplied with a multilingual security sticker to the content label with hazardous symbols according to GHS.

This Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals — or GHS — was developed by the United Nations in order to standardise international systems for the classification and labeling of chemicals, which was important for raising standards in occupational health and safety, environmental and consumer protection, and the transportation of hazardous goods. 

GHS labelling is a legal requirement in the UK. If your company is manufacturing chemical products then you need to ensure you are complying with GHS regulations, otherwise you are at risk of heavy penalties for non-compliance.

Should you require GHS labels, you can find them HERE.

Looking for more information about GHS labels? Check out our practical guide.



Infographic: 4 reasons why you need
precise dosing with hazardous substances

Economical, precise and clean: Our FALCON infographic shows you at a glance the advantages of using precision dosing when working alongside dangerous liquids.