Chemical Absorbents

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Chemical Absorbents

The use of chemicals and potentially corrosive liquids is a major part of many modern industrial processes. While we are all aware of the need to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our choice of materials, it remains a fact that using some chemicals is essential to the processes many of us rely on in the workplace or the laboratory. The best approach, then, is to focus on how the chemicals can be safely disposed of, and how an accident, breach, or spillage can be safely contained, and the risks of contamination or further damage minimised as much as possible.

Protect your working environment

DENSORB special products are your first line of defence in the eventuality of leaked chemicals, particularly acids and alkalis. Our DENSORB Special Absorbents are suitable for absorbing any kind of liquid, including those with corrosive or aggressive properties. If there is no time to identify the liquid in question, then DENSORB absorbents for chemicals are your go-to solution as they will reliably bind and absorb whatever substance you are dealing with.

The DENSORB range includes rolls, mats, snakes, and granules, as well as a wide selection of Chemical Spill Kits in cabinets, containers, drums, and bins, as well as on trolleys for fast and easy transportation to the location of the spillage.

Absorbent surfaces

When you need to cover a large area quickly, DENSORB Chemical Absorbent Rolls should be your first choice. Made from powerful polypropylene fibres they are both extremely absorbent and tear resistant. Their close-meshed fibres ensure a lint-free surface with a high level of resistance to abrasion.

For tailored use when you need to cover a specified area thoroughly and comprehensively, DENSORB Chemical Absorbent Mats come in a range of dimensions and pack sizes. The Special Range Mats can also be used in an emergency when you are unable to identify the leaked liquid, as they are designed to handle highly corrosive substances, such as sulphuric or hydrochloric acids.

Containing the problem

Also from the Special Range, Chemical Absorbent Socks can minimise the spread of any leaked liquid or chemical, immediately creating boundaries and containing the problem within a defined area. Thanks to their flexible casing, these Socks can be shaped as required, while their absorbent polypropylene innards can handle even the most aggressive substances.

Of course, it is better to take precautionary measures against an accident rather than reacting when it occurs. DENIOS Chemical Absorbent Cushions can be placed beneath equipment when carrying out essential repairs and maintenance to absorb any liquids or chemicals that may leak out during this process. These Absorbent Pillows come in two sizes and are extremely flexible, meaning they can be placed in otherwise inaccessible locations if needed.

Flexible solutions

Even more adaptable are the DESORB Multiformat Absorbent Mats, suitable for a wide variety of uses and situations. These can be used flat as a cloth or mat or rolled into cushions or snakes as needed. The DENSORB special range also includes Chemical Absorbent Granules that bind to oxidising or dangerously reactive substances safely and without reaction. These risk-free special absorption binders have a huge capacity for absorption and can be swept up and disposed of after use.

Effective value

DENSORB Absorbents for Chemicals use binders that are specially optimised for absorbing chemicals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our product range gives you the optimum selection of different formats, while always absorbing the greatest amount of liquid within the smallest possible surface area.

DENSORB binders only absorb the chemical and do not absorb water, meaning you get the greatest value from our Chemical Absorbent Products. These can then be disposed of according to the nature of the hazardous substance absorbed.

As well as being suitable for emergency use, DENSORB Special Absorbent Products can also be permanently or semi-permanently incorporated into work surfaces, for instance as an absorbent covering on a workbench, or laid out in advance during maintenance, installation, or repair work.

For more information, the DENIOS Academy offers courses in leakage training as well as detailed advice on the use of chemical binders. Our products are eligible for free delivery and come with a 30-day return offer and up to four years' warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

Chemical spillages can present a range of hazards in the workplace, from the danger of spillage to corrosive or toxic side-effects. DENSORB products from DENIOS UK offer a tailor-made solution to dealing with such hazards quickly and effectively, restoring productivity along with workplace safety.

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Our absorbents guide provides you with all important information! Learn everything you need to know about the use of binders - from practical tips for daily use to measures for the leakage.

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