Be prepared and act correctly

Managing spills effectively

When handling hazardous substances that are harmful to water and the environment, leaks or even a catastrophic accident can occur in everyday operations. Therefore, you must be prepared, act preventively and provide absorbents for the spill emergency to minimize the damage. Tobias Authmann, hazardous materials expert and lecturer at the DENIOS Academy, will impart his in-depth knowledge to you. In practical seminars you will learn how to safely clean up leaked hazardous substances. You can also benefit from the expert knowledge of the DENIOS Academy online: numerous free guides and instructional videos offer you a compact introduction to professional leakage management.

Training videos: These tips will help you in case of a spillage!

A container is leaking, a hazardous substance has leaked, what do you need to do? In the heat of the moment, it's easy to do the right thing when a leak occurs. We can help you: with our DENIOS Academy tips presented by our hazardous substance expert Tobias Authmann. 

Spill Control & Emergency Spill Management Guides

On this page we have compiled our repository of expert guides relating to spill control and absorbents. Here you will find practical online guides, specialist articles and FAQs on the subjects of absorbents and spill management.

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