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Metal Works

Metal Works

Workpieces are the key to the metalworking industries, such as tooling and mold making, vehicle construction and mechanical engineering.

Strongly specialized companies manufacture for the international markets of the automotive, electrical and construction industries. Drilling, turning, milling, punching, forging or stamping are everyday processes in production environments of these companies. But also welding, bending, casting, soldering or etching.

In Germany alone, approximately 500,000 employees produce wire mesh, springs, components, connecting elements and much more in approximately 5,000 specialist companies. A large number of hazardous substances are used during the production process.

Cooling lubricants, paints, varnishes, thinners or adhesives are just examples of substances that are harmful to health, from which employees must be protected.

The same applies to natural and water protection during storage and handling. Find the right products for your needs with just a few clicks!

In the field of metal processing, there are about 155,000 accidents at work annually. In this case, hazardous and biofuels make up almost 60% of the dangers which must be particularly foreseen at the workplace. Typical accidents and occupational diseases result, for example, from contact with toxic substances from cleaning agents or degreasers.


(Quelle: BGHM)

Practical solutions in the field of metal processing

We have already successfully implemented many exciting practical solutions for our international customers in the field of metal processing.

Learn more about our projects so far! In our "Practical Examples" section, we have compiled interesting project reports from the areas of hazardous material storage, thermotechnology, technical and safety rooms and air technology.

You get hands-on insights into the wide field of tailor-made solutions and learn how other companies use individual DENIOS solutions.

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Customized solutions

DENIOS Product Brochures

A wide range of further details on our tailor-made solutions, product details and extensive accessories descriptions can be found in the DENIOS main catalogue, which is published annually.

In addition, we offer comprehensive product brochures for our customers in the fields of hazardous substance storage technology, air technology, thermal technology, technical and safety areas, cleaning technology as well as service and maintenance.

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