Scoper - the space miracle

Scoper - the space miracle

If the number of required substances increases, but the individual consumption quantities decrease, an optimal storage concept is required. A large storage volume in the smallest possible space is ideal at the workbench or in the laboratory. Scoper, the hazardous materials cabinet with practical vertical extension technology, combines all these advantages in an innovative room concept.

Optimal use of valuable work space

Our new Scoper vertical cabinets occupy about half the space at the installation site, thanks to vertical drawers, in contrast to classic cabinet variants.

Even in the slim version, which is only 45 cm wide, a Scoper cabinet already provides the storage volume of a classic hazardous goods cabinet. If you need more space, you can opt for the wide variant with a width of 81 cm which provides two vertical sections next to each other.

Robust and durable

Scoper consists of a stable and scratch-resistant outer body with powder-coated surface. The hazardous materials cabinet offers 90 minutes of fire protection and has been tested in accordance with EN 14470-1.

Comfort at the push of a button

The Scoper enables a particularly comfortable, fully automatic opening and closing of the vertical pull-outs at the touch of a button. In case of fire, an electronic temperature sensor triggers the closing.

Protection against unauthorised access

The Scoper can be closed by means of a profile cylinder (lockable) to prevent unauthorised access. Closing the cabinet blocks the motor so that the vertical extensions can no longer be opened. A shut-off indicator (red / green) informs at a glance about the current status.

Perfect handling

The vertical extension allows an optimal overview and two-sided access to all stored containers. This means maximum ease of use - and is also ideal for integration into workplaces.

Flexible storage

Adjusting the storage levels to current needs is child's play with the Scoper. In a grid dimension of 32 mm, the shelves can be adjusted by the customer in any division. In the Slim version, Scoper is equipped as standard with 4 or 5 shelves, and in the wide version with 8, 9 or 10. Other combinations are available on request.

Demand-oriented ventilation technology

The Scoper comes as standard with an integrated ventilation system for connection (NW 75) to in-house exhaust air systems. A recirculating air filter attachment is available as an accessory, which eliminates the need for wall penetrations and additional exhaust air ducts. Further venting solutions are available on request.

Safety all around

When not in use, the doors close automatically after 60 seconds (with visual and audible warning signal). The opening mechanism has an intelligent stop function, which detects resistances when closing and prevents pinching injuries. Scoper cabinets are also equipped with a spill pallet that holds a maximum volume of 12.5 litres and safely traps leakages. The included perforated sheet metal insert allows use as an additional storage level.

Protection against unauthorized access
s Flexible storage

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