3 steps to choosing the right product

3 steps to choosing the right absorbent

Whether its for drip losses on machines in daily work or for emergency care in the case of a spill - absorbents help you to avoid incalculable risks and the associated costs. DENSORB absorbents are available for a wide variety of applications and in many practical versions.

So that you can quickly find the right product for your application, we have put together some important information and decision aids below.

1  Which liquids are to be absorbed?

The appropriate absorbent for your application should first be selected for the material to be absorbed. DENSORB absorbents are available in 3 versions: 

If you're not sure which DENSORB version is suitable for your materials, don't worry! We have tested the compatibility of our absorbents with various different chemicals. A detailed list can be found here:

2  For which application are the absorbents needed?

As an absorbent underlay during laboratory, repair or maintenance work

As an absorbent underlay during laboratory, repair or maintenance work

For fast and simple cleaning of tools or devices

For fast and simple cleaning of tools or devices

For permanent use, e.g. as a carpet for walkways

For permanent use, e.g. as a carpet for walkways

For cleaning up leaks and spills

For cleaning up leaks and spills

The all-rounder for everyday use: rolls and mats

Whether its for the absorption of liquids during maintenance or cleaning work or in the effective control of leaks - DENSORB mats are true all-rounders. They enable needs-based and economic use in daily operation and are also perfect for permanent use. In the event of a leak, DENSORB mats are suitable for absorbing leaked liquids.

For larger requirements or if your daily need consumption is high then DENSORB rolls are the thing for you. Thanks to the practical perforation, you can take the exact required quantity and use only as much material as is absolutely necessary.

Proven Products for Special Applications

DENSORB socks are indispensable in the fight against leaks. They have a high absorption capacity and are flexible meaning leaks and spills can be contained quickly and easily.

DENSORB cushions are ideal for reliably absorbing leaked liquids or dripping losses in hard-to-reach areas. Cushions are also the best choice for when filling operations are taking place. 

To guarantee that leaks are detected, you can install a SpillGuard® - the innovative new hazardous substance warning system available only from DENIOS. Created by our industry experts, this revolutionary alarm system quickly and efficiently detects leaks, releasing a continuous alarm and LED light system over a 24-hour period. 

Proven products for special applications

3  How much do absorbents have to endure?

The higher the durability, the stronger and longer the product can be stressed and remain in use. Depending on the application, you should therefore consider whether you need an extremely strong durability or whether a simple fleece is sufficient for your purposes.

DENSORB rolls and mats are available in 3 different non-woven structures:


DENSORB mats and rolls in Economy quality are high-absorbent binding tapes without additional reinforcement on top or bottom. They are suitable for cleaning up leaks or for daily use in cleaning, maintenance and repair work.


DENSORB mats and rolls in Extra quality have an additional lint-free protective layer. This ensures high tear and abrasion resistance. Ideal for almost all applications - for example as a hard-wearing floor covering, for longer-term use or for cleaning work.


Choose DENSORB wheels and mats in Economy PLUS quality for the highest demands on durability and cleanliness. The reinforcement on both sides by a liquid-permeable protective layer ensures maximum resistance to tearing and abrasion. Economy PLUS absorbents are also lint-free and therefore ideally suited for sensitive applications and surfaces.

The durability and absorption capacity are also dependent on the material thickness of the products. DENSORB rolls and mats are available in two thicknesses so you can use the suitable absorbents for your application situation.


LIGHT = single material thickness

Very flexible and ideal for absorbing small quantities of liquid during repairs, minor leaks or everyday production.


HEAVY = double material thickness

Extra thick material thickness with high absorption capacity. The high tear strength allows longer term use and / or absorption of higher amounts of liquid, e.g. for larger leaks.

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