Safe & secure for the holidays

Safe & secure for the holidays

Taking the right precautions means that occupational safety and safe storage of hazardous substances are more reliable and certain while you are away.

Are your current monitoring systems sufficient for when you have minimal staffing levels?
Are your hazardous materials stores safe from unauthorised access?
Are you health and safety procedures clear, organised and appropriate for skeletal staff?

We all need to take a break without worrying about site safety and security. Use our guidelines to ensure you can enjoy your time away.

Monitoring hazardous substances

The summer is often a time of lower staffing levels as many people take a holiday. Reduced capacity can mean the remaining employees find it difficult to manage all the day-to-day tasks that are required. Safe practices and security checks can slip.

This can be intensified if a workplace has an operational holiday shutdown.

These are times when secure storage, good safety measures and leak detection systems are even more important. DENIOS gives you all the support you need in this area to be able to enjoy your time away and return with peace of mind.

Doing maintenance work

Use the holidays for maintenance and safety checks

Top tip: Have maintenance work carried out during the holiday period to reduce operational disruption and avoid downtimes.

Our qualified and certified technicians are happy to take over the service of your systems for the storage of hazardous substances - from the technical room system to the safety cabinet to the emergency shower, we offer you attractive maintenance and reliable packages.

Find out more about DENIOS maintenance service

Burglary protection for hazardous substances

Holiday periods are renown times for break-ins.

It's not just your business premises and valuables that are at risk. Any company that handles and stores hazardous substances is responsible for protecting them from unauthorised access. You need to ensure that outside interference, for example during burglaries or vandalism, is made as difficult as possible.

Organising occuptional safety effectively

Make sure everything runs smoothly during the holidays - even if something goes wrong. During these times it is especially important that sufficient safety equipment and equipment is available. It's advisable to check your stocks and replenish then before the holidays.

Important: First aid and fire protection | Holiday times do not release you from your first aid obligations that help guarantee health and safety in the company. The same applies to fire protection. When planning your time away, you should ensure that there are enough first aiders and fire protection officers on site and that there are no bottlenecks should an incident occur.

Cleaning - getting the basics sorted

Holiday time - a great time to do a big clean up!

Many companies use the time before and during the summer holidays for an extensive thorough cleaning of the site. In our online shop you will find numerous solutions for the professional cleaning of industrial surfaces:

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