Emergency showers: Safety and first aid for users.

Emergency showers: Safety and first aid for users.

Body and eye showers have to do a lot in an emergency. In the event of accidents involving hazardous substances, their functionality can determine whether or not an injured employee suffers permanent damage. The injured person must be given first aid quickly, efficiently and thoroughly - especially if the particularly sensitive eye region has been contaminated. For this reason, there is a lot involved in body and eye showers! In the following, you will find out what distinguishes the design of our body and eye showers, which features are important for an optimal flushing effect and how operators and installers can better protect themselves with certified products.

Features of the body and eye shower - every detail is a safety plus!

1 High-performance shower heads for optimal rinsing effect

Our body and eye showers are equipped with special shower heads for the efficient and quick removal of contamination. These ensure extensive water distribution and an optimal degree of flushing. The automatic volume regulation generates a standard-compliant spray pattern and the correct spray height for eye showers regardless of the water pressure. The even and soft water jet is optimised for rinsing chemicals off the skin or rinsing the sensitive eye area.


2 Simple trigger mechanism

A smooth and intuitive operation of the emergency shower avoids serious loss of time in an emergency. Our eye showers have a large pressure plate that is pushed back with a simple hand movement to trigger the eye shower and locks in this position. Body showers are also easily operated using a pull rod.


3 Dust cover flaps for maximum cleanliness

Tightly closing dust covers prevent dirt from getting into the nozzles of the eye shower. When the eye shower is operated, the dust cover flaps open automatically using water pressure.


4 Rubber sleeves as impact protection

It must be possible to use an eye shower safely even with significantly reduced visibility. Rubber sleeves around the shower head protect those seeking help from impact injuries.


5 Special ball valves for long-lasting functionality

The ball valves used are made of stainless steel and are extremely robust. They guarantee the perfect functionality of the body and eye shower in an emergency.


6 Robust and space-saving construction

Materials of the highest quality are used for body and eye showers, for example stainless steel, brass and special plastics. The robust and well thought-out construction is designed for rough everyday industrial life with little space requirement.


7 Chemical resistant coating    

Selected body and eye showers are also available as a coated version for aggressive environments. The green polyester powder coating is resistant to many acids and alkalis.

Secured according to standards

All body and eye showers from DENIOS meet the requirements of EN 15154.

The EN 15154 is divided into several parts:

Parts 1 and 2 regulate the minimum requirements for "body and eye showers with a water connection". Suitable showers must be made available in potentially hazardous work areas and they must immediately supply a sufficient amount of liquid so that the body and / or eyes can be showered quickly after contact with dangerous substances or after burns.

Parts 3 and 4 regulate the minimum requirements for “body and eye showers without a water connection”. They are designed to be kept ready in the immediate vicinity of people in potentially dangerous work areas. The main task of these devices is to provide first aid. Both parts differentiate the body and eye showers into transportable, portable, personal, single or multiple use.

Part 5 regulates the minimum requirements for "body showers overhead with water for locations other than laboratories" and has been valid since 2019.



Our safety experts recommend these safety showers

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