COVID-19 Mobile Contactless Testing Rooms - Now available from DENIOS

COVID-19: Mobile contact-free patient & personnel testing room

In response to the on-going COVID-19 crisis, DENIOS' international team of expert engineers have been working around the clock – designing and building this highly sought-after, high-specification patient and personnel testing room.

With cities across the country looking to slow the spread of coronavirus by setting up testing areas, it's becoming increasingly important that they have the right equipment in place to protect their healthcare workers. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of frontline staff while they carry out crucial testing of both those suspected of contracting the virus and those suspected of recovery from the virus will be everyone's top priority.

As a company specialising in environmental and occupational safety, DENIOS is in a unique position to supply the necessary mobile testing rooms for COVID-19. 

A safe testing site

The safety and wellbeing of frontline healthcare workers will be an integral part of a successful response to the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus. This vital workforce must be protected, meaning contact between healthcare staff and those being tested must be kept to a minimum. DENIOS has spared no expense in creating revolutionary testing rooms that meet these requirements. 

Using one of our unique, purpose-built units, staff can safely perform:

  • Temperature checks
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Antibody tests

These tests can be carried out by a healthcare professional through the security window or by the participant through self-swabbing

Minimal contact design

One of the biggest obstacles to eradicating COVID-19 is the highly infectious nature of the virus. This requires advanced solutions in order to prevent infection of healthcare workers, and therefore alleviate the problem of staff sickness and the potential for workers to spread the virus themselves.  

DENIOS has solved this problem. Each of our testing units consists of two separate rooms, designed to ensure minimal contact between patient and healthcare provider. Each room has its own access door, with independent locking mechanism to enable safe and secure testing for occupants. The patient is tested via a security window that adjoins both rooms.

Both areas have separate heating systems, and the patient area is further equipped with a continuous air extraction system. Furthermore, the negative pressure in the patient area counteracts any possible aerosol transfer of the virus to the personnel area.

We've created advanced design for optimum safety:

  • Separate units for minimal patient contact
  • Independent locking mechanisms on both access doors
  • Patient testing via security window
  • Separate heating systems for both rooms
  • Continuous extraction system withinin patient room to prevent viral spread  

We have additional features available for the unit. Please contact us to discuss these options. 

Call 01952 811 991 now and speak to a DENIOS expert.

Technical features

This specialist unit for coronavirus testing has been designed to be compliant with BSL–2 (Biological Safety Level 2) category of protection, which establishes the need for contact reduced COVID-19 swab testing by healthcare workers or contactless self-swabbing by participants.

Other key techical features for the unit are:

  • Delivered ready-to-use, for quick connection to customer power-supply
  • Sealed PVC flooring (standard hospital / medical office) and seamless, easy-to-clean, anti-corrosive surfaces to ensure efficient decontamination processes
  • Ramp for inclusive wheelchair access
  • Full internal LED lightning and external long-field lamp system
  • Seamless, deep-drawn washbasin to maintain safe hygiene levels
  • Capacity to connect to water and drainage systems 
  • Negative pressure and continuous extractor fan system in patient side - to prevent viral spread to work area 

These technical features have been carefully selected through consultation with medical professionals and European legislation.

High-spec construction

As an industry–leading engineering company, DENIOS is regularly at the forefront of innovative and advanced safety solutions, and this project is no different. Our expert engineers have a reputation for design excellence, ensuring that even the smallest details are never overlooked.     

Some advanced unit features include:

  • Designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards
  • Certified according to the European Regulation of Construction Products: Regulation (EU) nº 305/2011 
  • Roof and side walls made of 100mm fire-resistant cladding (EI 120)
  • CE marking
  • Incorporated structures for wind, snow and seismic loads
  • Quality controls, durability and corrosion protection

At DENIOS we always use the highest quality materials and standards with our specially engineered solutions.

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Designed to be repurposed

Experts in virology are debating how long this crisis will continue, with projections ranging from as little as 6 months up to as long as 24 months. The one thing they all agree on is that this crisis will eventually come to an end, which is why we've built our units to be adaptable to the changing needs of our customers.  

Examples of repurposing options for this highly adaptable unit: 

  • Triage bay
  • Therapy room
  • Blood donation site 
  • Secure storage facility 
  • And much, much more...

Speak to one of our experts now about the many repurposing options available for the unit.