Development concept for a fully automatic heating system

For more than 30 years, DENIOS AG has been regarded as a reliable and solution-oriented partner for the protection of people and the environment. In order to remain competitive in the global economy, the topics of digitization, process automation and efficiency optimization in industry are high on the agenda, including at DENIOS. Customer orientation is even more central. DENIOS has developed a concept for a fully automatic heat chamber from a corresponding customer requirement and demand analysis.

Modernisation measures for greater efficiency

For a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, the existing heat system is no longer efficient on today's scale. Neither energetically nor in terms of area-benefit ratio, the old system corresponds to the current requirement. It is a brick, 150 m- room with insufficient insulation. Manipulation surfaces ("shelf alleys") are forcibly heated and only a small ceiling fan provides some air movement. In addition to the old plant, there are other heat chambers whose capacity is already fully utilized due to production increases. The new system to be planned must therefore accommodate additional capacities on the existing floor space.

The solution: the new plant will be built in height and realized as a through tunnel.

Digitale Transformation

Within the next few years, the customer plans to partially automate the material flow. Driverless transport systems are then intended to bring the containers to their destination. By intermedialing the heat chamber, I would be able to integrate it into the digital process world.

The new concept thus provides for a data exchange between the heat chamber and the customer's own control system. For the customer, this would be an important addition to the digital transformation. Until now, production control and control is sometimes done using handwritten notes.

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Automated production processes

An automation solution brings significant simplification and reliability to customer processes. Important questions that arise in the process can be answered with system-side logic. For example, the following questions arise in the thermal treatment of hazardous substances:

  • Has the right substance been set at the substance-dependent target temperature?
  • Can the substance stand in one area together with the other substances?
  • Does the substance pose an additional risk potential?
  • How long has the fabric already been in the heat chamber and at what position?

DENIOS AG has taken on the challenge of creating an automation solution based on the proven thermal chamber design – a fully automatic heating system for hazardous substances.

Fully automatic heating system

As a centralized heat chamber, the fully automatic system supplies the complete operation with tempered hazardous substances with precise compliance and monitoring of the process parameters. Conceptually designed as a continuous furnace with several levels, the heat chamber has only a very small space requirement and adapts modularly to the needs. Two gantry robots - arranged on one end face each - ensure smooth storage and transfer. The pallet task station can be loaded either manually, but also via driverless transport systems. Here, the hazardous substance container is scanned and analyzed.

The ERP system then checks the requirements for target temperature, heating times and storage conditions according to the stored item master data and thus defines the assignment to the respective suitable heat alleys of the continuous furnace. Each continuous section can be heated and managed separately and individually. This results in maximum flexibility in temperature and storage zones. Sectionally built roller conveyors transport the containers through the tunnel. This makes it possible to operate a jam and separation operation that makes optimum use of the total capacity.

Protective measures in the handling of hazardous substances

If hazardous substances are treated in the plant, extensive protective measures are required to comply with the legal requirements. For example, monitored drip sheets collect leaks and conduct them in collecting tanks. An alarm is immediately issued if a container has a leakage. Preventive fire protection is also taken into account if necessary. Each chamber has insulation of fire protection class A1. Optional smoke detectors and extinguishing piping ensure appropriate safety and responsiveness.



The Benefits

The fully automatic heating system from DENIOS meets all requirements for a modern process technology solution. It substitutes manual and error-prone process control and monitoring with reliable, programmed processes and provides a clear efficiency gain. In the future, the customer will be able to view and adapt all process parameters digitally at any time.

Based on a long-standing proven design, all legal requirements are met. DENIOS thus sets the course for future-proof process integration of the thermal processing of substances into the material flow and production process.