Thermal technology solution for BASF Construction Chemicals Italia

BASF Construction Chemicals Italia Spa is a company of the BASF Group that specializes in the production and marketing of chemical products for the construction industry. The company has many years of experience in the research and development of products and technologies to improve the mechanical, chemical and processing properties of ready-mix concrete and ready-mix concrete.

This know-how has turned the research and development centre at the Treviso site into a reference point in the field of special additives for BASF customers throughout Europe.

The challenge:

In order to be able to replicate the environmental conditions in the production facilities as well as possible, the development centre decided to expose the materials to be tested to different operating temperatures. This new challenge required three test environments with controlled temperature: a humidity chamber for the maturation of the specimens (according to EN 12390-2) with a temperature of 20 x 2 °C and a relative humidity > 95%, a cold chamber for the Replica of winter conditions as well as a heating chamber for the reproduction of summer conditions.

These should be used both for the pre-treatment of the materials and for the assessment of the physical and mechanical properties of the fresh and cured concrete. The temperature ranges correspond to 2 - 15 x 2°C and 30 - 40 x 2°C. Due to the physical restrictions on access to the installation rooms, the installation in the laboratory required installation directly on site.


The solution:

In constant dialogue with the customer, DENIOS has designed, manufactured and assembled three independent chambers with controlled temperature, automatic air conditioning and internal circulating air. The wall construction consists of sandwich panels with 10 mm rock wool (polyurethane for the moisture chamber) between two steel plates (stainless steel for the inner lining of the wet chamber).

These are framed and fastened with the help of angle steel mounted inside and outside. The wet room has a humidification system with water spray mist and internal shelves made of stainless steel. All chambers were located directly on the floor of the

building to ensure its stability and to facilitate access to the interior with handling equipment. Doors with a clear inner width of 1,500 x 2,000 mm and a useful volume of over 19 m3 (39 m3 for the humidity chamber) offer optimum usability, in which the mixers for the concrete mixture can be brought directly into the chambers.


The result:

BASF Construction Chemicals Italia Spa now has three air-conditioned chambers that integrate perfectly into the development center and allow the search for new additives for concrete to simulate a wide variety of test conditions. DENIOS has once again proven itself as a partner for successful problem solving in the planning, execution and assembly of thermal systems tailored to the customer.